Best Beach Clubs around Lisbon, Portugal

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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The best beach clubs around Lisbon, Portugal are:

  1. Bar do Fundo

  2. Bar do Guincho

  3. Bar Moinho

  4. Casa Reia

  5. Classico Beach Club

  6. Comporta Cafe

  7. Costa In Beach Bar

  8. Gemeos Bar

  9. K Urban Beach club

  10. Kailua

Hey there, fellow beach lover!

On some of my trips to Lisbon, I dove head-first into the beach club scene. Wow, what an adventure! Over my many visits, I visited a whopping 21 beach clubs.

Yup, you read that right - 21! From luxurious lounges to family-friendly spots, I’ve got the full scoop on these many beach clubs for you. So, if you dream of sandy toes, salty breezes, and maybe a cocktail (or two), you're in the right place. Also checkout best beach towns near Lisbon!

Let's go on this sunny journey through the Lisbon beach bars together.

Some of the best beach bars I found?

  1. Glamorous ones, like SUD Lisboa Beach Club.

  2. Family hangouts, for instance, Praia Irmão.

  3. And even a slice of Hawaii right here in Lisbon. Aloha, Waikiki!

Best beach clubs in Lisbon:

  1. Bar do Fundo

Ah, Bar do Fundo! This place took me by surprise the first time I went there. Let me tell you about it.

Location: This beach bar located in the town of Colares sits like a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Ambiance: Imagine soft sand under your feet, the sound of waves crashing, and a cool sea breeze. It’s every bit as dreamy as it sounds.

When I visited:

  1. I ordered a refreshing drink. I think it was one of their signature cocktails, made with fresh fruits like strawberries and oranges.

  2. There were about 5 or 6 beach loungers. Super comfy!

  3. The menu had all kinds of yummy things. Examples include seafood dishes like shrimp and clams, and traditional Portuguese fare.

Fun fact: They often have live music in the evening. You might hear anything from a soulful guitar to an energetic band.

Beach club Lisbon

  1. Bar do Guincho

Guincho is famous for its winds, and Bar do Guincho fits right in. Here's what I found:

Location: Located right on the Guincho beach, it’s hard to miss this spot.

Ambiance: Windsurfers zipping by, kites flying high, and a rustic beach vibe.

During my day there:

  1. I tried their seafood platter. We’re talking about at least 3 types of fish and some mussels. Delicious!

  2. Met some cool folks. I'd guess around 20 or 30 other visitors, all having a good time.

  3. Took about a 10-minute walk along the beach. Pure bliss!

Fun fact: Guincho beach is super popular for surfing. So, if you're into that, this is your spot! Also, check out this comprehensive guide of surfing beaches and schools around Lisbon.

  1. Bar Moinho

My trip to Bar Moinho felt like a step back in time. Let me share my experience:

Location: A bit off the beaten track, but trust me, it’s worth the journey.

Ambiance: It's like an old-world beach tavern.

What I remember:

  1. The sunset view? Just wow! Picture oranges, purples, and pinks.

  2. Ordered some local wine. I had 2 glasses, but who's counting?

  3. Their menu had classic beach snacks. Think fries, sandwiches, and the likes.

Fun fact: Bar Moinho is one of the older beach bars around, with a rich history.

  1. Casa Reîa

Oh, Casa Reîa! Such a trendy spot. Here's the scoop:

Location: Sitting on the lively Costa da Caparica beachfront.

Ambiance: Think modern, stylish, and a touch of luxury.

My day there:

  1. Enjoyed a sunbed. They had about 15 of them lined up.

  2. Sipped on a cold smoothie. Think tropical fruits like mango and pineapple.

  3. Shared a pizza with a friend. They offer flavors like Margherita and Hawaiian.

Fun fact: They host beach parties on weekends. It’s a real blast!

  1. Classico Beach Club

Classico is, well, classic! A must-visit if you ask me.

Location: Conveniently placed on a bustling beach stretch.

Ambiance: Relaxed, family-friendly, and full of fun.

What I did:

  1. Played a game of beach volleyball. They had a net set up.

  2. Enjoyed an ice-cream cone. I counted at least 6 different flavors.

  3. Basked under an umbrella. They had dozens, all in bright colors.

Fun fact: They have a kid's corner. So, if you have little ones, they'll have a ball too!

Hope you found my experiences helpful! Remember, these are just my views. Head on out and create your own beach club stories in Lisbon. If you planning to visit Lisbon, checkout Lisbon Travel Tips!

  1. Comporta Café

The first time I stepped into Comporta Café, I felt like I'd found a secret paradise. Here’s the lowdown:

Location: It's in Comporta, a place that whispers elegance and untouched beauty.

Ambiance: Picture this: stretches of pristine sand and an elegant, relaxed café atmosphere.

At Comporta Café:

  1. I tasted a fantastic seafood dish. There were prawns, oysters, and a fish I can't name but was delightful.

  2. The view? Endless sea. It's like a beautiful painting that stretches forever.

  3. I found a lovely corner with comfy chairs. Perfect for chilling.

Fun fact: Comporta is famous for its rice fields. So, while you're there, try a rice dish!

Beach club Lisbon

  1. Costa In Beach Bar

Costa In was like a surprise party for my senses. Here's what I discovered:

Location: Right on the beach, where the sand meets the sea.

Ambiance: Super laid back, with a touch of bohemian charm.

When I visited:

  1. They had this fruity cocktail. I think I had 3. Don't judge!

  2. Live music was playing. A guy with a guitar sang about love and the sea.

  3. Ordered a salad. Fresh veggies, olives, and a zesty dressing. Yum!

Fun fact: They often light a bonfire in the evening. It's all very cozy and romantic.

  1. Gemeos Bar

Ah, Gemeos Bar! Here’s my experience:

Location: A cozy spot by the shoreline.

Ambiance: Think local, friendly, and buzzing with excitement.

My highlights:

  1. They had a special fish dish. Caught that very day!

  2. Played a game of cards with some locals. Lost the game but made new friends.

  3. Enjoyed a cold beer. Or maybe it was two.

Fun fact: "Gemeos" means twins in Portuguese. I heard the bar is run by twin brothers!

  1. K Urban Beach Club

K Urban was like stepping into a different world. A cool, urban vibe by the beach:

Location: A prime spot in the city, blending the beach with urban life.

Ambiance: Think city chic meets beach chill.

What I did:

  1. Danced! There was a DJ spinning some great tracks.

  2. Had a fancy cocktail. It had this cute little umbrella.

  3. Met some locals. They shared their favorite city spots.

Fun fact: They have themed nights. You must visit Albufeira for its nighlife .So, every visit can be a new experience!

  1. Kailua

Kailua felt like a mini-vacation. Here’s my story:

Location: Set on the sandy shores of Fonte de Telha.

Ambiance: Hawaiian vibes. I almost expected to see surfers with leis around their necks.

During my visit:

  1. Tried their grilled pineapple. It was sweet, smoky, and perfect.

  2. Listened to some beach tunes. Think ukuleles and happy beats.

  3. Took a long walk. The shoreline seemed to go on forever.

Fun fact: "Kailua" is a place in Hawaii. The bar brings a slice of Hawaii to Lisbon.

I hope you enjoy these spots as much as I did! Safe travels and happy beach clubbing. Also checkout must visit beaches in Lagos!

  1. Lisboa Rio

Lisboa Rio was like an elegant dance between the city and the sea. Dive into my journey:

Location: With a spectacular riverside view, it's where Lisbon's heartbeat meets the calm of the Rio Tejo.

Ambiance: Sophisticated and sleek with a pinch of nautical fun.

While I was there:

  1. Sipped on a wine. Portuguese, of course! The list had at least 10 options.

  2. Snacked on tapas. Little bites of heaven, like olives and cheese.

  3. Enjoyed the city lights. They shimmered and danced on the water.

Fun fact: Sometimes, they have jazz nights. The combo of jazz and river views? Magical!

  1. Posto da Onda

Stepping into Posto da Onda was like joining a beach party. Here's the scoop:

Location: Right on Costa da Caparica, where waves play their endless game.

Ambiance: Fun, lively, and filled with laughter.

What I remember:

  1. Had a fruity drink. With a twist of lemon and mint.

  2. Watched surfers. They made it look so easy!

  3. Danced a little. They had peppy music going.

Fun fact: Posto da Onda means "Wave Station." Fitting, right?

  1. Praia Irmão

Praia Irmão was like finding a secret family gathering. Dive in:

Location: Nestled in Costa da Caparica's sandy embrace.

Ambiance: Homey, with families laughing and playing.

When I visited:

  1. Built a sandcastle. Well, tried to!

  2. Ate a freshest fish sandwich. Caught and cooked the same day.

  3. Took a nap. The sound of waves was my lullaby.

Fun fact: "Irmão" means "brother" in Portuguese. It feels like a big family here!

  1. Praia Princesa, Costa da Caparica

Praia Princesa was like stepping into a fairy tale. Here's my tale:

Location: Set amidst the sandy wonders of Costa da Caparica.

Ambiance: Royal yet relaxed. Perfect for any beach-loving "princess" or "prince."

During my stay:

  1. Relished a seafood platter. So many flavors!

  2. Took a beach walk. Found some lovely seashells.

  3. Listened to live music. A duo playing guitar and singing.

Fun fact: "Princesa" means "princess" in Portuguese. This place truly feels regal!

  1. Rampa Beach Club

Rampa was like taking a glide down a sandy runway. Here's the story:

Location: Perfect spot for a panoramic beach view.

Ambiance: Trendy, young, and vibrant.

What I did:

  1. Tried their specialty cocktail. Had a berry garnish on top.

  2. Played beach volleyball. Joined a team and had a blast!

  3. Enjoyed sunset hues. Reds, oranges, and pinks everywhere.

Fun fact: "Rampa" can mean "ramp" or "runway." The place sure has style!

Best beach club Lisbon

  1. Sublime Comporta Beach Club, Comporta

Sublime Comporta was, well, simply sublime. Here's the inside look:

Location: In the beautiful and upscale area of Comporta.

Ambiance: Luxurious. Think swaying palms, chic décor, and upscale vibes.

During my visit:

  1. Relaxed on a cabana. It was plush and comfy.

  2. Enjoyed a gourmet meal. Flavors danced in my mouth.

  3. Took a dip in the swimming pool. It was just the right temperature.

Fun fact: Comporta is known for luxury. And this place? It's the cherry on top!

So, there you have it. Dive into these fantastic spots and make your own memories!

  1. SUD Lisboa Beach Club

The moment I entered SUD Lisboa Beach Club, it felt like a glamorous movie scene. Dive into my glitzy adventure:

Location: Overlooking the beautiful river, where Lisbon sparkles like a diamond.

Ambiance: Glamorous. Think infinity pools, swanky sun loungers, and a touch of Hollywood.

At SUD Lisboa:

  1. Sipped a champagne cocktail. It bubbled with excitement.

  2. Lounged by the pool. The view? Absolutely cinematic!

  3. Savored sushi. Fresh, delicate, and oh-so-tasty.

Fun fact: They often have celebrity sightings. Keep your eyes peeled!

  1. SUD Pool Lounge, Lisbon

SUD Pool Lounge felt like a splash of luxury in the heart of Lisbon. Here's the splashdown:

Location: Right in bustling Lisbon, yet it feels miles away.

Ambiance: Upscale poolside vibes. It's like an urban oasis.

When I was there:

  1. Took a refreshing swim. The city sounds faded away.

  2. Tried a gourmet burger. Juicy, flavorful, and dressed to impress.

  3. Listened to lounge music. Relaxing beats with a touch of elegance.

Fun fact: They have a rooftop. The view? A perfect snapshot of Lisbon!

  1. Tamariz Beach Club

Tamariz was like discovering a royal beach treasury. Dive into my regal day:

Location: Beside the shimmering sea, near a historical castle.

Ambiance: Royal beach vibes. Think sun, sand, and a sprinkle of splendor.

At Tamariz:

  1. Tasted the freshest seafood. It was like the ocean on a plate.

  2. Took a stroll to the castle. Felt like a time traveler!

  3. Danced to live music. The rhythms blended with the sea's song.

Fun fact: The nearby castle often lights up at night. Also visit Vilamoura for its nightlife. A breathtaking sight!

  1. Waikiki

Waikiki transported me straight to Hawaii, without leaving Lisbon. Surf into my tropical tale:

Location: A sandy stretch that whispers tales of faraway islands.

Ambiance: Pure Hawaiian vibes. Palm trees, surfboards, and aloha spirit.

While at Waikiki:

  1. Sipped a tropical smoothie. Pineapple, coconut, and a splash of sunshine.

  2. Tried surfing. Fell a lot, but laughed even more! Surfing lovers shoud read about various surfing places in Lisbon.

  3. Enjoyed a luau-themed evening. Hula dancers and all!

Fun fact: They have beach huts. Perfect for a little afternoon nap.

  1. Yamba Beach Club

Yamba was like finding a lively beach party that never ends. Here’s the party rundown:

Location: By the playful waves that invite everyone to dance.

Ambiance: Energetic, colorful, and full of zest.

At Yamba:

  1. Joined a beach volleyball match. Team spirit was high!

  2. Relished a zingy cocktail. Citrusy, tangy, and oh-so-refreshing.

  3. Grooved to a DJ's beats. The sand was my dance floor.

Fun fact: Yamba often hosts themed parties. For nightlife lovers, barcelona is better than Lisbon. So, each visit can be a new surprise!

With these places in your itinerary, Lisbon is sure to give you beach memories to cherish forever!

Best beach clubs Lisbon


Alnong with Lisbon, there are many cities near Lisbon to visit in Portugal. And there you have it, my sun-soaked traveler! 🌞

Lisbon isn't just about its historic streets or delicious pastries (though, yum, pastéis de nata!). It's also home to some of the best beach clubs I’ve ever stepped foot in and enjoying a terrace lounge and rooftop bar. Whether you want to dance under the stars, sip on a fruity drink, or just listen to the waves - there's a beach club in Lisbon waiting just for you.

My top picks?

  • For luxury: Definitely SUD Lisboa Beach Club.

  • A family day out? Head to Praia Irmão.

  • And for that Hawaiian vibe: Say "Aloha" to Waikiki!

So, pack those flip-flops, grab your sunscreen, and I'll see you on the sandy shores of Lisbon! If you want to continue partying till into the night, check out this blog on the best nightlife in Lisbon.

FAQ: Best Beach Clubs in Lisbon

  1. Which beach club is best for a luxurious experience in Lisbon?

For a top-tier luxurious experience, consider visiting SUD Lisboa Beach Club or Sublime Comporta Beach Club. Both promise upscale vibes, gourmet dishes, and a touch of glamour.

  1. I'm looking for a Hawaiian vibe. Where should I go?

Waikiki is your go-to spot. With its Hawaiian themes, tropical smoothies, and beach huts, it’s a slice of paradise right in Lisbon.

  1. Are there any family-friendly beach clubs in the list?

Yes! Praia Irmão, Costa da Caparica is known for its homey ambiance and family gatherings. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

  1. Which beach club would be perfect for a romantic date?

Consider Praia da Princesa, Costa da Caparica for its regal and romantic setting. The serene ambiance and beautiful views make it perfect for couples. Also, if you want to stay longer, check out this list of the best beach towns near Lisbon.

  1. I'm on a budget. Are there affordable options?

Absolutely! Places like Posto da Onda, Costa da Caparica and Yamba Beach Club offer a vibrant atmosphere without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Which beach clubs are best for water sports or activities?

If you're keen on trying surfing or enjoying beach volleyball, head over to Waikiki or Yamba Beach Club. Also checkout surfing in Algarve!

  1. I’m a foodie. Which beach club has the most delectable cuisine?

While all beach clubs offer delicious bites, SUD Lisboa Beach Club and Sublime Comporta Beach Club are particularly known for their gourmet dishes.

  1. Do any of these beach clubs have night parties or DJ events?

Yes! Clubs like Yamba Beach Club and K Urban Beach Club often host night parties and have DJs spinning beats till late. Also go though nightlife in Algarve!

  1. Are reservations required for these beach clubs?

While some beach clubs might accept walk-ins, it’s always a good idea to reserve your spot, especially during peak season or weekends.

  1. How do I get to these beach clubs?

Most of these beach clubs are easily accessible by car or public transport. However, check the club's official website or contact them for specific directions and transportation advice.

Hope this FAQ section helps you pick the perfect beach club for your Lisbon adventure! Dive in and enjoy!