The Best Restaurants With a View in Lisbon

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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The best restaurants with a view in Lisbon are:

  1. Alma
  2. Park Bar
  3. Varanda de Lisboa
  4. Zambeze
  5. Silk Club
  6. Noobai
  7. Lumi Rooftop
  8. Tapisco
  9. Seen
  10. Último Porto

Lisbon, capital of Portugal, is a great city on rooftops. The beautiful summer-long weather and the beautiful city-vibes are the main reasons here. There are several rooftop bars in the area, and some terraces are even used by Lisbon rooftop bars for lunch. The Bacalhau offers an incredible view. Many rooftop bars and restaurants in Lisbon are open for the entire season. Part because most weather lets it, and partly because many offer both indoor and outdoor seating. If you head to the best restaurant of Lisbon you will have a romantic and lovely dinner while savoring the city and stay around while the terrace ambience increases.

Hey there, fellow travelers! 🌍 When I think about Lisbon, I see colorful streets, trams climbing hills, and of course - mouthwatering food! But what if we combined stunning views with that scrumptious food? That's what this detailed guide  on Lisbon is all about. Join me as we explore some of the top restaurants with breathtaking views in Lisbon and the best rooftop restaurants in Lisbon. If you plan to stay in lisbon, check what to see in Lisbon?

Let's dive into a world where your plate competes with the skyline for your attention!

Lisbon restaurants with a view

The best restaurants with a view - Lisbon

1. Alma

Location: Rua Anchieta 15, Lisbon

Cuisine: Contemporary Portuguese

When I first stepped into Alma, my heart skipped a beat. The ambiance? Perfect. The view? Even better. Nestled right in the heart of Lisbon, Alma offers a stunning view that will take your breath away. I've been to so many restaurants in Lisbon, and let me tell you, the view from Alma is one of my top three favorites.

Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa runs the show in this Michelin starred restaurant. He serves up dishes that are a modern twist on traditional Portuguese food. For example, dishes like octopus and duck rice. They sound simple, right? But the way they're prepared? Totally next level. His tasting menus are amazing.

The huge windows of the beautiful restaurant will make sure you get a great view no matter where you're seated. You see trams, little alleys, and even people passing by. It’s like watching a movie but in real life!

2. Bahr

Location: Rua do Instituto Industrial 7, Lisbon

Cuisine: Mediterranean with a Portuguese twist

Bahr was a total surprise for me. Located atop the Bairro Alto Hotel, it offers a panoramic view of the city and the Tejo River. I've been to about 15 rooftop restaurants, but this? This was something else.

Chef Nuno Mendes crafts a menu that’s a mix of Mediterranean and Portuguese flavors. Think dishes like grilled sardines and tuna tartare. They use fresh ingredients, and it shows in the taste. Oh, and the cocktails? Super refreshing. I tried two of them. You can even go for your favorite wine pairing.

In the evening, when the sun sets, the view is simply magical. I saw old buildings, the shimmering river, and distant hills. It's the kind of place you’d take pictures of to make your friends jealous.

3. Cafe Principe Real

Location: R. da Escola Politécnica 56, Lisbon

Cuisine: International with Portuguese influences

Cafe Principe Real is a gem. Tucked inside the Memmo Príncipe Real Hotel, it boasts views of both the city and the gardens. Of all the cafes I've visited in Lisbon, this one felt the most relaxing.

The menu is a blend of international and local flavors. They have sandwiches, seafood dishes, and amazing desserts. Like pastries and tarts. They melt in your mouth!

I remember sitting by the window, sipping on a cool drink, and watching the world go by. Birds in the garden, children playing, and the hum of the city. It felt so peaceful.

4. Carmo Rooftop

Location: R. do Carmo 41, Lisbon

Cuisine: Portuguese

Carmo Rooftop is a rooftop paradise! With views of the historic heart of Lisbon, you feel like you're floating above the city. I've seen a lot of skylines, but the view from here? One of the best.

The menu serves traditional Portuguese cuisine. Delicious dishes like codfish cakes and grilled chorizo. Typical Portuguese foods that are prepared to perfection.

Evenings are the best time to visit. The city lights up, and the vibe is pure magic. You hear the soft murmur of conversations, clinking glasses, and distant music. A perfect end to a perfect day. To know more about places in Lisbon, visit 7 day itinerary Lisbon!

5. Chapitô à Mesa

Location: Costa do Castelo 7, Lisbon

Cuisine: Traditional Portuguese

Oh boy, where do I start with Chapitô à Mesa? Nestled on a hill, it's got this killer view of the city and the Tagus River. I've ventured to around 12 spots near the castle, but the view from this place is something to write home about.

Inside, it's got this cool, circus-themed decor. Makes sense since it’s close to a circus school. But it’s the food that steals the show. Classics like codfish and pork belly. Yummy dishes you'd tell all your friends about.

I loved sitting outside. The breeze, the view, and the soft glow of the city lights – pure magic. I counted around 7 boats passing by, just lazily floating on the river.

6. Cura

Location: Rua do Pau da Bandeira 4, Lisbon

Cuisine: Contemporary

Cura is pure elegance. Located inside the Ritz Four Seasons, it's all about luxury. I’ve stayed in maybe 10 fancy hotels, but this? Top-notch. Also visit, 20+ best hotels in Lisbon!

Chef Pedro Pena Bastos is the mastermind here. His dishes are like artwork. Picture this: fresh seafood, vibrant veggies, and delicate sauces. Yep, it’s a feast for both your eyes and taste buds.

The best part? The view. Massive windows let you see the beautiful gardens and city. There were at least 5 different types of trees I could spot. A peaceful oasis in the heart of the city.

Lisbon restaurants with a view

7. Epur

Location: Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 14, Lisbon

Cuisine: Modern European

Next up, Epur. This place feels like a hidden secret. Perched up high, it gives you sweeping views of the city. Out of the 20 or so restaurants I’ve visited in Lisbon, this one’s view is easily in the top 5.

Chef Vincent Farges knows his stuff. The menu? A modern take on European dishes. Think steaks, fresh salads, and delicious pastries. I remember the chocolate mousse. So creamy and rich.

The atmosphere is calm and stylish. Perfect for a date or a special night out. You can see the rooftops, the river, and even the distant hills. So romantic!

8. Faz Figura

Location: Rua do Paraíso 15B, Lisbon

Cuisine: Portuguese

Faz Figura feels like a window to old Lisbon. With views of the river and Alfama, the oldest district, it’s pure nostalgia.

The menu? Full of Portuguese gems. Dishes like clams, grilled fish, and mouthwatering desserts. I tried three of them!

Sitting on the rooftop terrace is a must. The sun, the river, and the sounds of the city come together to create a perfect atmosphere. I recall spotting about 4 old churches in the distance. History all around!

9. Five Oceans

Location: Avenida Brasília, Lisbon

Cuisine: Seafood and Portuguese

Five Oceans was like a breath of fresh ocean air. Get it? Because it's right by the river! This spot offers jaw-dropping views of the Tagus River. Of the 10 seafood places I've tried in Lisbon, this one tops the list for the scenery alone.

The inside? It's sleek and modern. But the real star? The food. They serve the freshest seafood. Dishes like shrimp, octopus, and grilled fish. All sourced locally. I had a plate with three kinds of seafood. All super tasty!

The outdoor seating area is perfect for chilling. You can watch the boats and the shimmering water. And guess what? I saw like 5 different boats go by!

10. Go A Lisboa

Location: Av. Liberdade, Lisbon

Cuisine: Modern Portuguese Fusion

Go A Lisboa is one of those hidden gems. It's located near Avenida da Liberdade, which is like the fashion street of Lisbon. And this place? Oh, it's stylish alright.

The menu is a mix of everything. Portuguese dishes with a twist. You'll find stuff like beef stew and codfish cakes. But with fun flavors. I had two main courses, and both were delish. Also checkout How to spend 24 hours in Lisbon?

The views from here are more urban. Tall trees, fancy shops, and people everywhere. I spotted at least 6 high-end stores from my seat. Shopping lovers, this is your spot!

11. Gunpowder

Location: Travessa do Cotovelo, Lisbon

Cuisine: International Tapas

Now, Gunpowder was a total surprise. Tucked in a small lane, this place is cozy. But the food? It's explosive. See what I did there?

The menu is all about tapas. Small plates with big flavors. Like spicy chicken, lamb meatballs, and fresh salads. I tried four dishes, and I wasn't disappointed.

What’s the view like? It’s all cute alleyways and historic vibes. The old-school charm of Lisbon. At one point, I saw 3 traditional trams pass by. Such a cool experience!

12. Insolito

Location: R. de São Pedro de Alcântara, Lisbon

Cuisine: Modern Portuguese

Insolito - the name means "unusual", and it truly is. A rooftop restaurant, the view is absolutely dreamy. I've been to around 15 rooftops in the city, but this? A whole different ball game.

You can see the entire city from here. The castle, the river, and even the distant bridges. I could point out at least 7 landmarks!

The food matches the amazing view. Dishes are a modern twist on Portuguese classics. Like the octopus salad and the pork belly. I took lots of pictures. Everything looked and tasted so good!

13. La Paparrucha

Location: Rua D. Pedro V 18, Lisbon

Cuisine: Argentinian Steakhouse

Oh, La Paparrucha! I was told this place is heaven for steak lovers. Guess what? It really is! Nestled up high, the restaurant gifts you with a full 360-degree view of Lisbon. I’ve visited around 14 high-view spots in the city, but this? Totally up there with the best.

The insides? Classy and elegant. The menu’s full of juicy steaks. Ribeyes, sirloins, and tenderloins. I tried two of them and trust me, they melt in the mouth.

And the view? Picture this: the sun setting, the city turning to gold, and the faint sound of fado music. In just 10 minutes, I saw the lights of 4 major landmarks flicker on. Pure magic.

14. Limao Rooftop

Location: Av. Duque de Loulé 81, Lisbon

Cuisine: Cocktails and Snacks

Limao Rooftop is the kind of place you'd find on a postcard. It's on top of the H10 Hotel. And the view? It stretches out forever. Seriously, of the many rooftops I’ve been on, this one's something special.

You can enjoy amazing cocktails here. Mojitos, margaritas, and even some local drinks. I tasted three, and each was a burst of flavors. The place is known for fine dining, too.

The vibe is relaxed. Perfect to unwind. I just sat there, drink in hand, watching the city move. In about 15 minutes, I saw 5 trams zooming below. So cool!

15. Lost in Restaurant

Location: Rua D. Pedro V 56, Lisbon

Cuisine: Indian and European Fusion

Oh man, Lost in Restaurant is an experience. It’s all colorful and vibrant, just like India. This spot mixes Indian flavors with European dishes. Think curries, kebabs, and even pasta. I sampled five dishes, and each was a flavor bomb.

The outdoor terrace? It’s all comfy sofas and bright cushions. You get to see the old town and the hills beyond. During my meal, I noticed about 8 birds flying around. It felt so peaceful amidst the city buzz.

Restaurants in Lisbon with a view

16. Lumi Rooftop

Location: Rua de Santa Justa 112, Lisbon

Cuisine: Portuguese and Mediterranean

Now let’s talk about Lumi Rooftop. Situated in the heart of downtown, it offers a prime view of the city. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of skylines, but from here? Lisbon looks magical.

The menu is a blend of Portuguese and Mediterranean tastes. Tasty stuff like seafood salads and grilled chorizo. I had a plate full of three types of snacks. Delicious!

The best time? Evening. The city lights, the stars, and the soft hum of conversations. I counted about 7 different lights from landmarks. It was like connecting the dots in the night sky.

17. Madame Petisca for Tapas

Location: Rua de Santa Catarina 17, Lisbon

Cuisine: Tapas

Oh, I've got to tell you about Madame Petisca. It's a tapas paradise. I mean, I've been to maybe 16 tapas places before, but this one? Oh, it's a gem.

The place feels warm and homey. And those tapas! Dishes like spicy prawns, fresh oysters, crispy squid, and potato bravas. I remember having four different tapas. Each one was yum!

But you know what's cooler? The view of the Tagus River. While munching away, I saw around 6 sailboats gliding by. So pretty!

18. Mama Shelter Lisboa Rooftop

Location: Av. Duque de Loulé 3B, Lisbon

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Next up, Mama Shelter Lisboa Rooftop. This one’s at the Mama Shelter Hotel. And let me tell you, the vibe here? Totally fun and peppy.

The menu is a mix of Mediterranean delights. Dishes like grilled fish, fresh salads, and tangy pastas. I tasted three and, trust me, my taste buds danced. Sitting on the rooftop, I felt on top of the world. The entire city looked like a big puzzle. I pointed out 5 major landmarks in just a few minutes. Such a treat!

19. Noobai

Location: Miradouro de Santa Catarina, Lisbon

Cuisine: Cafe and Light Bites

Noobai is like that secret spot you wish you'd known earlier. Hidden at the Santa Catarina viewpoint, it's cozy and relaxed.

The food? Think light and tasty. Sandwiches, salads, and juices. I tried two sandwiches and a juice. All fresh and scrumptious. The view, though! Overlooking the river and the city, it's pure peace. I noticed about 7 different colors in the sky as the sun set. Dreamy!

20. Park Bar

Location: Calçada do Combro 58, Lisbon

Cuisine: Bar Food and Cocktails

Park Bar! Ever been to a bar on a parking lot’s rooftop? This is it. Sounds unusual, but it's super cool.

The cocktails here are the real stars. Mojitos, sangrias, and local drinks. I sipped on two different cocktails. Both were perfect! The view is all rooftops, church towers, and trees. At one point, I counted 4 church bell rings. It felt like being in an old movie, on this rooftop bar.

21. Pizzario Zero Zero

Location: Praça da Armada 12, Lisbon

Cuisine: Italian Pizzas and Pastas

So, Pizzario Zero Zero. If you're a pizza lover like me, you're in for a treat. This place? It's pizza heaven. Among the 20 pizza places I've tried, this one? Right up there in the top 5!

Inside, it's all cozy with soft lights. The pizzas? Oh, thin crust, rich toppings like cheeses, veggies, and meats. I recall having three different slices. They were HUGE and tasty. The view from here? It's like peeping into a fairy tale. Cute houses and twinkling lights. In just one look, I saw about 6 cats chilling on the rooftops. So adorable!

22. Rossio Gastrobar

Location: Rua 1º de Dezembro 120, Lisbon

Cuisine: Modern Portuguese

Next, Rossio Gastrobar. Situated in the Altis Avenida Hotel, it's fancy and stylish. Trust me, the food here is like art.

The menu is all about modern twists. Dishes you know but with a surprise. Think codfish, but jazzed up. I ordered two main dishes. Both looked and tasted amazing. And guess what? The view is all city lights and hustle-bustle. I counted 7 trams zipping by in about 20 minutes. Talk about being in the heart of the action!

23. Seen

Location: Rua Castilho 149, Lisbon

Cuisine: International Fusion

Oh, and then there's Seen. This spot is on the top floor of the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Hotel. And wow, the ambiance? Classy and buzzing.

The food has a mix of everything. Sushis, burgers, and local bites. I tasted four dishes. Yup, I was that hungry! Each was a flavor party. The view? Tall buildings, shimmering lights, and the Tagus River. I spotted around 5 boats cruising by. So calming amidst the city vibes.

24. Silk Club

Location: Rua da Misericórdia 14, Lisbon

Cuisine: Sushi and Cocktails

Silk Club is where you go to feel all fancy. On top of a historic building, it's a mix of a bar and restaurant. Also checkout, best beach clubs around Lisbon.

The star here? Sushi. Fresh, tasty, and so many choices. I remember trying three types of rolls. Delish! From here, you can see almost all of Lisbon. Glowing lights, historic sites, and the river. At one point, I saw 4 fireworks in the distance. What a sight!

So, if Lisbon's on your list, this spot is a must-visit. Delicious food, awesome views, and memories you'll cherish. Enjoy every bite and every sight!

25. Topo Martim Moniz

Location: Centro Comercial Martim Moniz, Lisbon

Cuisine: Modern Portuguese

Next is Topo Martim Moniz. Now, if you're all about rooftop vibes, this is the place. Perched up in the Martim Moniz Square, it's a lively spot.

Inside, it's fresh and modern. The menu? A fun mix. They have salads, burgers, and tasty bites. I remember trying two dishes and a cool drink. Yummy? Totally. But the view, guys! There's the castle, the trams, and all the hustle. I even counted 8 colorful balloons in the sky. So, so pretty!

26. Último Porto

Location: Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, Lisbon

Cuisine: Traditional Portuguese Seafood

Let me tell you about Último Porto first. It's kind of hidden, but once you find it? Wow! It's right by the water, so you feel like you're dining on a dock.

The best part? Seafood! Fresh from the ocean. Things like crabs, shrimps, and big fish. I ordered three dishes, and each one was super tasty. The view is all boats and water. So calming! I saw around 8 fishermen working on their nets. It felt so real and raw. If you want a true Lisbon feel, this place is a must-visit.

27. Varanda de Lisboa

Location: Rua Castilho 14, Lisbon

Cuisine: Gourmet Portuguese

Next, let's chat about Varanda de Lisboa. It's high up in the Hotel Mundial. The whole city is under your feet. Talk about indoor dining room in the sky!

The menu? All about gourmet Portuguese dishes. Rich, tasty, and very fancy. I tasted two mains and a dessert. Trust me, my taste buds danced with joy. Now, the view. Stunning! All of Lisbon is right there. The castles, the rooftops, and the tiny streets. I spotted 5 different squares from up there. It was like a giant puzzle. So, so pretty!

28. Vestigius Bar & Restaurant

Location: Cais do Sodré, Lisbon

Cuisine: International Fusion

Let me take you to Vestigius Bar & Restaurant. It's right by the river, in a place called Cais do Sodré. The feeling here? So laid back and chill.

Foodwise, they mix things up. Dishes from all around the world. Burgers, pasta, sushi - you name it. I tried four dishes. Yup, couldn't resist. Each bite was a new adventure. The best bit? The view of the river. So peaceful. Boats gliding by, the sun setting. At one point, I saw 6 kids playing near the water. Such a sweet sight!

29. Via Graça

Location: Largo da Graça 95, Lisbon

Cuisine: Portuguese

Via Graça, nestled on a hill, this place is like a secret treehouse! The climb might make you a bit tired, but the view at the top? Totally worth it! The menu has all the Portuguese classics. Yummy things like grilled sardines, creamy codfish, and yummy pastries. I couldn't help myself and tried three dishes. Oh boy, they were so good!

Now, about that view. Imagine looking down on colorful Lisbon. Tiny houses, red roofs, and cute squares. From my spot, I counted 7 churches! Just like a postcard. If you want a real taste of Lisbon, with your eyes and your tummy, this place is a must-visit.

30. Zambeze

Location: Calçada Marquês de Tancos, Lisbon

Cuisine: Portuguese and African Fusion

Next up, Zambeze. This place is a cool mix of two worlds – Portugal and Africa. It sits high up, right near the castle. You feel like you're dining with royalty!

The food? It's a blend. Portuguese dishes with an African twist. Spicy, sweet, and so unique. I sampled four different plates. Each one? A roller-coaster of flavors. Like traveling to two places in one bite. But, the view? Wow! You see the castle, the river, and the whole city. It's breathtaking! I noticed 5 different bridges. And the sunset? It turned the sky into a big orange painting.

So friends, here are all the treasures in Lisbon. Places to eat, relax, and just soak in the beauty. Don't miss out on them. Happy exploring! 🍽️🌇🥂

Lisbon restaurants

Tips for Traveling to Restaurants with a View in Lisbon

Hey there, foodies and wanderers! 🌍 If you're like me, you love a good view with your meal. Lisbon is a dream spot for that. But before you dash off, here are some simple tips I've gathered from my many food adventures in this city. Hence, Lisbon is worth visiting for adventure lovers.

1. Walking Shoes are Gold: Lisbon's streets? They're like a roller-coaster. Up, down, and sometimes slippery. Trust me on this; comfy shoes will be your best friend. I wore my sneakers and was so grateful!

2. Public Transport: It's cheap and pretty easy. Trams are my favorite. Just 3 euros for a ride! Plus, they're cute and yellow. Perfect for photos.

3. Ask Locals: When lost or confused, ask a local. They know best! I got 2 of my favorite restaurant tips just by chatting with a friendly shopkeeper.

4. Weather Watch: This city can be sunny one minute and rainy the next. Always carry a small umbrella. I learned this the hard way!

5. Book Ahead: These viewpoint spots? Super popular! Especially between 6 pm to 8 pm, sunset time. So, reserve your table. I used a cool app, but a simple phone call works too.

6. Stay Hydrated: Those hills? They're workout masters. Carry a water bottle. I bought one with a cute Lisbon design as my trip keepsake.

7. Tipping is Nice: Service charge isn't always included. If you liked the service, leave a small tip. Even just 1 or 2 euros can make a waiter's day!

8. Learn Some Portuguese: Simple words, like "Obrigado" (thank you) can make your experience warmer. The locals appreciate it. I tried it, and the smiles I got back were priceless!

9. Be Patient: These restaurants are often packed. Service can take time. But the view? Worth the wait! I used the time to snap some cool photos and chat with fellow travelers.

10. Travel Light: Those steep streets aren't fun with heavy bags. I took just my camera, wallet, and a snack. Trust me, your shoulders will thank you!

So there you have it, pals! Some handy travel tips for Lisbon from one traveler to another. Remember, it's all about the journey, the views, and of course, the yummy food. Enjoy every second in this beautiful city! 🌇🍴🎒


Well, there you have it! A journey through Lisbon's culinary delights with an added bonus: some of the most captivating views you'll ever see. From hilltop spots to riverside gems, these restaurants capture the heart and soul of Lisbon. How many days are enough in Lisbon?

So, next time you're in this vibrant city, don't just eat; dine with a view. And trust me, the combination of delicious bites and mesmerizing sights is an experience you'll cherish forever. Safe travels and happy eating! 🍽️🌅

FAQ Section

  1. Are these restaurants budget-friendly?

While some of these eateries are a bit on the pricier side because of their location, warm atmosphere and views, there are others that offer affordable options. Always best to check their menus online first.

  1. Do I need to book a table in advance?

Given their popularity, it's a good idea to book ahead, especially if you want the best seats in the house. Weekends are especially busy!

  1. Are these places suitable for kids?

Yes, most of these restaurants are kid-friendly. But always check ahead, especially if you need things like high chairs.

  1. Is there vegetarian or vegan food available?

Many of these restaurants offer vegetarian options. A few might also have vegan dishes. When in doubt, call ahead and ask.

  1. How do I get to these restaurants?

Lisbon has an excellent public transport system. Trams, buses, and tuk-tuks can get you to most places. Or, do it the local way and just walk. The views along the way are worth it!

Remember, it's not just about the food. It's about the experience, the view, and the memories you make. Enjoy every bite and every sight! 🌟🍷🏞️

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