Best Places To Go Shopping in Lisbon: Where to Shop and What To Buy?

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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The best places to go shopping in Lisbon are listed below.

  1. Avenida da Liberdade
  2. Rua Augusta
  3. Bairro Alto
  4. Chiado
  5. LxFactory
  6. Rua da Carmo
  7. Rua da Escola Politécnica & Rua Dom Pedro V
  8. Centro Vasco da Gama
  9. Rua Garrett
  10. Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet

Ah, Lisbon! A city of historic charm, cobblestone paths, and vibrant culture. But there’s another facet of this Portuguese gem that many overlook: its incredible shopping scene. From quaint, local shops to sprawling shopping centers, Lisbon offers an array of shopping experiences that will satiate even the most discerning of shoppers. As someone who's wandered the streets and explored its corners, let me take you on a whirlwind tour of Lisbon's best shopping streets and delights.

Lisbon shopping areas:

  1. Avenida da Liberdade

When I walked along Avenida da Liberdade, I felt like I was stepping into a luxurious world. This boulevard is lined with big trees, making the walk super pleasant. And guess what? It's known as Lisbon's version of the Champs-Élysées. Fancy, right?

There are lots of high-end shops here. I saw big names like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci. If you're into designer and major luxury brands though, this is your spot. I spent about 3 hours just window shopping. But if you're like me and also love a good bargain, there are several smaller shops too. Once, I found this cute pair of shoes, just perfect for walking, and they were half off!

  1. Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta was an absolute treat. Right in the heart of downtown Lisbon, it's this pedestrian-only street with beautiful tiled floors. So, no cars, which I loved! There are street performers, like musicians and magicians, almost everywhere. I stopped at least 5 times just to watch.

On both sides, there are tons of shops. From cool souvenirs to trendy clothes, there's a mix of everything. I remember this one shop selling handcrafted jewelry. The necklaces and bracelets were unique and very affordable. Bought two!

  1. Bairro Alto

Ah, Bairro Alto! By day, it's a quiet, charming neighborhood. But at night, it transforms! The small streets come alive with bars and tiny shops that open late. I decided to visit during the evening.

I found quirky boutiques selling vintage clothes, unique trinkets, and handmade items. I stumbled upon a shop that sold old vinyl records. The Beatles, Madonna, and even some Portuguese music - they had it all. It was like a treasure hunt!

  1. Chiado

Chiado is every shopper's dream. It's a mix of the old and the new. You have grand, historic buildings next to modern stores. It's super lively.

I found bookstores, fashion shops, wine stores, and little cafes where I could take a break. One bookstore, in particular, had two floors! I picked up a book about Portuguese history and a cup of coffee, and just relaxed. There are also famous brands here, like Zara and H&M. But, the best part? There are local brands too, selling things like cork bags and hats. Bought one of each!

Walking in Chiado felt like being part of a buzzing hive. It's definitely a must-visit.

  1. LxFactory

Imagine an old industrial complex turned into a hipster heaven. That's LxFactory for you. It's in Alcântara, just under the big bridge. The place is packed with charm.

When I walked in, the vibes were totally artsy. Old warehouses are now cool shops. Some sold t-shirts with funky designs, others had artsy knick-knacks. I saw a store that sold handmade soap in shapes like fish and hearts. Cute, right? There are also cafes. I tried this one place that sold chocolate cake, and oh my, it was heavenly. If you're there on a Sunday, there's a flea market. Lots of treasures to find! Check out Lisbon travel tips!

  1. Rua da Carmo

Rua da Carmo felt fancy. It's right near Chiado. Think of it as a street with stylish boutiques. The architecture? Stunning!

There are jewelry and shoe stores, boutiques with clothes, and even some tech stores. Watches, dresses, gadgets - they had them all. One shop had these leather bags that looked so elegant. I couldn’t resist and bought one! A perfect souvenir.

  1. Rua da Escola Politécnica & Rua Dom Pedro V

These two streets in Príncipe Real are amazing. It's like walking in a vintage dream. I started on Rua da Escola Politécnica and ended on Rua Dom Pedro V.

Antique stores, boutiques, and cute cafes are everywhere. I found a shop that sold old postcards of Lisbon. Another had vintage cameras. Such a throwback! There are also modern stores mixed in, selling things like skincare and fragrances. Found this organic lotion, that smells like lavender. So refreshing!

  1. Centro Vasco da Gama

This is not just a shopping center, it's like a mini city! Located by the river, Centro Vasco da Gama has it all. Seriously!

Over 170 stores. Yes, you read that right. Big brands, tiny shops, food courts with all kinds of cuisines - from burgers to sushi. When my feet got tired, I went to the cinema on the top floor. Got a big bucket of popcorn and watched a movie. The best part? There's a view of the river right outside. Took so many pictures! If you love mall shopping, this is your paradise.

Centro Vasco da Gama, shopping centre in Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Rua Garrett

Walking down Rua Garrett is like diving into a shopping wonderland. Right in Chiado, this shopping street is the main star. The buildings? Oh, they're so beautiful!

It's bustling, full of life. There are big stores and small boutiques. I spotted some familiar names, like FNAC for books and tech. But, there are also local places. One shop sold Portuguese ceramics - plates, mugs, and vases with lovely designs. Another had hand-stitched shawls. So soft! And, let's not forget the cafes. I had the creamiest pastel de nata at one.

  1. Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet

Talk about bargain heaven! Located a bit out of Lisbon, this outlet is huge. Over 150 shops. Wow!

Brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren, all with big discounts. I got this pair of sneakers, 40% off! There are also cafes and restaurants. So, shopping breaks with pizza? Yes, please!

  1. Campo Pequeno

Campo Pequeno is not just a shopping area, it's also a historic bullring. Inside, there's a surprise - a luxury shopping center!

There's a mix of everything. Fashion shops, tech stores, and even a supermarket. I found this cute boutique with handmade jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces - all so pretty. Got one of each!

  1. Rua do Poço dos Negros

This street is a hidden gem in Lisbon. It's quieter, away from the big crowds. But, oh, the treasures you can find!

Vintage shops and artisan boutiques are the stars here. I remember this one store with old Portuguese tiles. Beautiful blues and yellows. Nearby, there was a place selling handcrafted leather wallets. I got one. It even had my initials!

  1. Alfama

Alfama is pure magic. It's one of Lisbon's oldest districts. Think narrow streets, old houses, and lots of character.

Shopping here is different. It's about finding unique items. There are tiny shops with handmade crafts. One had cork products, like bags and coasters. Another sold traditional Portuguese scarves. So colorful! And between the shops? The sweet sound of Fado music. Pure bliss!

Shopping markets in Lisbon

  1. Feira da Ladra

You won't believe the stuff I found at Feira da Ladra. It's a famous flea market in Lisbon, and let me tell you, it's huge! They say its name means "Thief's Market," but it's all fun and super safe.

Rows and rows of stalls fill the streets. You can find old stuff like antiques, coins, and vintage clothes. I even saw a stall with old cameras. Click, click! And guess what? I picked up three postcards from the 1960s. So cool!

But that's not all. There are also stalls with handmade items. Beautiful jewelry, pottery, and even toys. It's like a treasure hunt. I spent a good 4 hours there, just looking and buying.

  1. Anjos70 Flea Market

Anjos70 is not just any flea market, it's a hipster's dream. It's inside this old factory, so the vibe? Super cool.

There are lots of clothes, from funky t-shirts to vintage dresses. I got this shirt with a cute cat design on it. Meow! But it's not just about clothes. There are stalls with handmade crafts. Notebooks, bags, and even homemade jams. Yum! The best part? I met so many artists and they shared their stories. Made shopping so special.

  1. Feira da Relogio

Talk about a colorful experience! Feira da Relogio is a vibrant market in Lisbon's eastern part. It's big and bustling.

The stalls? Oh, there's a lot. From fresh fruits like apples and oranges to shoes and clothes. There are also lots of toys, household items, and even tech gadgets. One stall had these sparkly hair clips. I got two!

What I loved most? The buzz. People talking, bargaining, and just having a good time. And the food stalls? Delicious. I tried this pastry with cheese inside. Melty and so good! If you want a true local experience, this market is a must.

  1. Timeout Food Market

Oh boy, TimeOut Food Market is a food lover's paradise! Right in the heart of Lisbon, it's packed with flavors and smells that made my tummy rumble. I couldn't decide where to start.

There are over 24 restaurants and kiosks. Yep, that many! Each has its own specialty. I tried this one place with fresh seafood. The shrimps and clams? So tasty! And the desserts, oh my! There were cakes, tarts, and even gelatos. I had this chocolate cake that was super rich and yum.

Between bites, I loved watching chefs cook. There's so much energy. And the best part? You can grab a dish from one spot, a drink from another, and just mix and match. A total feast!

  1. Mercado da Ribeira

Mercado da Ribeira is a mix of old and new. It's one of Lisbon's oldest markets but has this fresh vibe. The building? Super grand with big arches.

There's fresh produce, like fruits and veggies. Bright red tomatoes, green apples, and juicy oranges everywhere. But wait, there's also fish, meat, and cheeses. The smells? So fresh! I got this bag of cherries that were super sweet. A perfect snack while exploring.

And guess what? There are also small eateries. I tried this sandwich with Portuguese sausage. Spicy and so good!

  1. Mercado da Figueira

Now, Mercado da Figueira is a hidden gem. It's not as big as the others, but oh, it's charming.

You find locals shopping for their daily stuff here. Fresh bread, pastries, and even flowers. I saw this bakery with all sorts of bread. Long ones, round ones, even some with seeds. I got a loaf and it was so crusty.

There are also stalls with handmade crafts. I found this lady selling embroidered napkins. So delicate! And the best part? The cozy cafes. I sat down, sipped on a coffee, and just soaked in the vibes. What a treat!

Traditional shops in Lisbon

  1. A Arte da Terra

Walking into A Arte da Terra felt like stepping into a Portuguese fairy tale. The shop is in an old stable. Cool, right?

Everywhere I looked, there were handmade crafts. Beautiful pottery, colorful textiles, and even wooden toys. I picked up this ceramic plate with a bright sun design. It reminded me of the sunny days in Lisbon. The best part? The friendly folks running the place. They shared stories behind each craft. It made my shopping experience so special.

  1. A Outra Face da Lua

This place is a retro lover's dream. A Outra Face da Lua is all about vintage clothing and vibes. The shop is full of clothes from past decades.

There were racks of dresses, jackets, and funky shirts. I tried on this 70s dress with a groovy pattern. Felt like a movie star! And don’t miss the cafe inside. I had this yummy toastie and iced coffee. Such a chill place to hang out!

  1. A Vida Portuguesa

Oh, A Vida Portuguesa is a nostalgia trip! This shop is all about classic must-buy Portuguese products.

Rows of soaps, lotions, and even old-school candies fill the shelves. I remember this tin of sardines with the cutest design. And those notebooks with vintage covers? Had to get one! It's like traveling back in time and seeing Portugal's rich history. 

  1. As de Espadas

If you're into cool antiques, As de Espadas is the place. The shop felt like a mini-museum.

Old photos, pins, badges, and even military stuff are displayed. I found these postcards from way back. Imagine, someone once sent them with love! The shopkeeper knew so much. He told stories about each item. Made me appreciate them even more.

  1. Bertrand

Books, books, and more books! Bertrand is special. Guess what? It's the oldest operating bookstore in the world!

The shelves are packed. There are books in many languages, from novels to travel guides. I spent hours just looking around. I picked up this book about Portuguese tales. The smell of old pages? Pure magic. And yes, I couldn’t resist getting a bookmark too. Every reader's dream shop!

  1. Capitão Lisboa

Ahoy there! Stepping into Capitão Lisboa was like entering a ship captain's treasure chest. This shop is packed with fun finds.

They have quirky gifts, colorful postcards, and funky home decor. I remember these cute little lamps shaped like animals. One was a flamingo! The shelves? Full of unique items. Notebooks, mugs, and even toys. It was hard to leave without buying a bunch of things!

Shopping in Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Conserveira de Lisboa

This place is a can lover's dream. Conserveira de Lisboa is all about canned goods. Sounds simple, right? But wait till you see the designs.

The shelves are lined with tins of fish. Sardines, mackerels, and more. Each tin has a beautiful design. Some are vintage, others are super modern. I picked up three different tins. They make for great gifts. And the taste? So fresh!

  1. Cork & Co

Now, this shop is special. Cork & Co celebrates Portugal's cork tradition. Everything here is made of cork!

From bags to hats and even shoes. Yep, cork shoes! They're comfy, trust me. I bought this cork wallet. Light, stylish, and so unique. It's eco-friendly shopping at its best.

  1. Embaixada Concept Store

Walking into Embaixada Concept Store feels grand. Why? It's set in a historic palace. High ceilings, beautiful tiles, and loads of shops.

Each room has a different brand or artist. From fashion to art and even beauty products. I found this room with handmade jewelry. Sparkly earrings, chunky necklaces, and more. It's a shopping experience mixed with a touch of history.

  1. Eureka

Shoe lovers, rejoice! Eureka is a shoe paradise. The store itself is sleek and modern.

Rows and rows of shoes. Boots, heels, flats, and even sandals. Every color you can imagine. I tried on these red heels. Felt like dancing! The best part? They're all Portuguese designs. Stylish and comfy. If you need a new pair, this is the place.

  1. Fashion Clinic

I have to admit, walking into Fashion Clinic made me feel like a star! It's all glitz and glamour. The place screams fashion.

There are clothes from top designers. Beautiful dresses, sharp suits, and stylish shoes. The bags? Oh, they're a dream! Sparkly ones, leather ones, big and small. I saw this blue purse I couldn't resist. It was love at first sight. If you want to spoil yourself a bit, this is the spot.

  1. Loja da Burel

Stepping into Loja da Burel, it's like being wrapped in warmth. Literally! This store is all about wool, and not just any wool, but burel wool.

From blankets to jackets, everything feels so cozy. I picked up this scarf. So soft! There were also cool wool bags and hats. Each item is a mix of tradition and modern style. It's a true taste of Portuguese craftsmanship.

  1. Loja das Conservas

This shop is a fun surprise. Loja das Conservas is all about canned goods, but not just any cans.

Rows of colorful tins line the walls. Fish, veggies, and even fruits. Each tin has its own story. I bought a couple of sardine cans. They had these artsy labels. Great as gifts or a tasty treat for yourself. Plus, the staff? Super friendly. They love sharing the history behind each can.

  1. Luvaria Ulisses

Tiny but oh-so-special, that's Luvaria Ulisses for you. This little shop is all about gloves here.

It felt like stepping back in time. The shop has this vintage vibe. Rich woods, golden mirrors, and gloves everywhere. Soft leather ones, lace ones, and even colorful ones. I tried on a pair of red gloves. Perfect fit! It's not just a shopping trip, it's an experience. And guess what? Each glove is handmade right there in Lisbon. A true gem!

  1. Manteigaria

Let's talk about something sweet. Manteigaria is a must-stop for anyone with a sweet tooth, like me. This isn't just a shop; it's a pastry heaven.

Their specialty? Pasteis de Nata. These are little custard tarts. I had 3 of them, and oh boy, they were yum! Crispy outside, creamy inside. I even watched the bakers make them right in front of my eyes. The smell? Simply amazing! If you're in Lisbon, you have to try these treats.

  1. Map

Map isn't just a shop; it's an adventure on its own. The name says it all. This store is full of cool maps and travel books.

There are maps of cities, countries, even the world. I found this vintage map of Lisbon. It looked old-school and cool. The books? They're about all sorts of places. Mountains, beaches, cities, you name it. Picked up a travel guide too. Can't wait for my next trip!

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  1. Paris Em Lisboa

When I walked into Paris Em Lisboa, I felt like I had a little taste of Paris. This shop's elegance reminded me of the streets in France. It’s been around for over a century!

They're known for textiles. That means things like bed covers, curtains, and towels. But not just any towels; they were so soft to touch. I got a lovely tablecloth for my dining table. It had these intricate designs. If you want something classic and timeless, this is your place.

  1. Retro City

Stepping into Retro City was like jumping into a time machine. Everything felt vintage. There were cool clothes from the '60s, '70s, and even '80s.

T-shirts, jackets, dresses, and so much more. I found these super funky sunglasses. They had this cool retro vibe. This shop is for anyone who loves old-school fashion.

  1. Sapataria do Carmo

Shoe lovers, listen up! Sapataria do Carmo is all about shoes. And oh, such lovely shoes they have.

Elegant heels, sturdy boots, stylish sandals; you name it. I got these leather shoes. They felt comfy and looked so chic. The shop itself has been there since the 1800s. It's got a rich history and a rich collection too.

  1. Silva & Feijóo

Silva & Feijóo is like a treasure trove. I was amazed by the variety of things they had.

There were decorative pieces, ceramics, and lovely trinkets. Great for gifts! I picked up these cute ceramic bowls. They had lovely patterns, like little blue flowers. It’s a perfect spot for unique souvenirs.

  1. Tous (Ourivesaria Alianca)

Jewelry lovers, this one's for you! Tous (Ourivesaria Alianca) is like a sparkle haven.

They had so many shiny things. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Some had gemstones like rubies and emeralds. I tried on this silver necklace. It had a cute pendant. If you're looking to treat yourself or someone special, you gotta check this place out. Also, go through Is Lisbon with visiting?

Shopping centre in Lisbon

  1. Centro Comercial Colombo

Wow, Centro Comercial Colombo is HUGE! I heard it's one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe. I believe it. There are over 400 stores. Yep, 400!

I found all kinds of shops here. Big brands, small shops, you name it. There's also a cinema and an arcade. Oh, and let's not forget about the massive food court here. So many choices. Pizza, burgers, salads, ice creams. It's a shopper's paradise. You could spend a whole day here and not see everything.

  1. Amoreiras Shopping

Amoreiras Shopping has a special place in my heart. It's sleek and stylish. It's got about 200 stores. Perfect number, not too many, not too few.

They've got a mix of international and local brands. Clothes, shoes, bags, and other cool stuff. After shopping, I climbed the Amoreiras 360° Panoramic View. The view of Lisbon from up there? Breathtaking!

  1. Centro De Oportunidades El Corte Ingles

Talk about deals! Centro De Oportunidades El Corte Ingles is where you find top-quality stuff at a lower price. I saw discounts on clothes, electronics, and even home goods in this department store.

The best part? It's all from El Corte Ingles, which means it's super good quality. I snagged a lovely dress and saved 30% off its original price. Score!

Shopping in Lisbon, Portugal

  1. Armazens do Chiado

Located in the historic heart of Lisbon, Armazens do Chiado felt magical. The building itself has history. It's been around since the 1800s!

Inside, there are around 50 stores. They range from fashion to beauty. I even found a store dedicated entirely to books. After shopping, I relaxed at one of its cozy cafes. Nothing like a good coffee break in the middle of a shopping spree.


To sum it up, shopping in Lisbon is not just about buying things; it's an experience in itself. Whether you’re hunting for unique souvenirs, craving local delicacies, or just want to indulge in some retail therapy, Lisbon has got it all. Remember to keep a lookout for the little stories behind each shop or market, for they add richness to every purchase. So, the next time you find yourself in Lisbon, happy shopping!


  1. What are the usual shopping hours in Lisbon?

Most shops open around 9 or 10 am and close by 7 pm. On Sundays, some might open a bit later and close earlier. If you are early, you can relax at one of the coffee shops around.

  1. Are credit cards widely accepted in Lisbon?

Yes, most major shops and restaurants accept credit cards. However, smaller markets or local shops might prefer cash.

  1. Is it customary to bargain in Lisbon's markets?

In local markets, a little bit of friendly haggling is common. But remember to always be respectful!

  1. What unique souvenir should I get from Lisbon?

Look out for items like cork products, canned sardines with artistic labels, and traditional Portuguese tiles.

  1. Are the shopping centers easily accessible by public transport?

Absolutely! Lisbon has an efficient public transportation system. Many of the major shopping spots are near metro or tram stops.

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