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Is a Porto Card Worth It? Price and Where to Buy?

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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Yes, the Porto Card is definitely worth it. Deciding whether to get a Porto Card for your visit can significantly impact your travel experience. The Porto Card offers a variety of benefits that cater to tourists looking to explore the city efficiently and economically. It provides free or discounted access to many of the city's museums, tours, and attractions, as well as free and unlimited use of public transportation.

Porto CARD

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During my visit, the card was a practical choice that enhanced my travel experience and it made port worth visiting even more. I enjoyed the convenience of hopping on and off public transport without the hassle of purchasing tickets each time. The discounts at numerous museums and cultural sites allowed me to visit more places than I had planned, making the trip both enriching and economical.

What Is Included in the Porto Card? 

The Porto Card includes a variety of features that make exploring the city both cost-effective and convenient. Here’s a breakdown of some key components:



The card provides unlimited access to the city’s public transportation network. This includes buses, trams, and the metro. I found this particularly useful for navigating between different sites without the hassle of purchasing separate tickets.

Museum and Site Discounts

The Porto card comes with a lot of benefits and interactive Museum and site discounts are one of those. It can help you visit these places at a very minimal cost.

  • Significant reductions on entry fees and even free entrance to many of Porto's top museums and historic sites.

  • I enjoyed discounted visits to the Soares dos Reis National Museum and the Stock Exchange Palace, which both offer rich insights into Portuguese culture and history.

Dining and Shopping Benefits

The porto card also offers dinning and shopping benefits which is big plus as these two are unaovoidable when you’re enjoying your time in the city and are on a vacation.

  • The card offers discounts at select restaurants and shops.

  • During my visit, I saved 10% on a lovely meal at a traditional Portuguese restaurant, enhancing the overall value of my dining experience.

Cultural Perks

Access to a range of cultural venues and activities often includes a discount for some lesser-known gems that are not on every tourist's radar. For instance, I attended a fado performance with a discounted ticket, which was a highlight of my trip.

By integrating these aspects into my visit, the Porto Card not only saved me money but also enriched my travel experience with ease and accessibility.

What are the Benefits of the Porto Card?

The Porto Card provides a variety of benefits that make it an attractive option for tourists looking to explore the city with ease and efficiency. Based on my own experiences, the card significantly enhanced my visit by offering both practical advantages and cost savings.

Comprehensive Access to Public Transportation

One of the standout features of the Porto Card is its offer of unlimited free public transportation. This includes buses, the metro, and some regional trains across the city. Utilizing the Porto Card, I navigated through Porto without the hassle of purchasing individual tickets. This not only saved time but also money, as I traveled extensively across different districts, exploring areas like Vila Nova de Gaia and Matosinhos without extra costs.

Substantial Discounts on Major Attractions

Porto is renowned for its cultural sites and historic attractions, many of which offer reduced admission with the Porto Card. My journey included visits to several key locations, such as the Clerigos Tower and the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, where I received card discounts ranging from 10% to 50%. These savings accumulated, allowing me to expand my itinerary to include additional experiences I might have otherwise skipped due to budget constraints.

Free Entry to Selected Museums and Attractions

Attraction in Portugal

Several museums and cultural sites in Porto offer free entry to Porto Card holders. For instance, I visited the Casa do Infante and the Palácio da Bolsa without paying an entrance fee. This was particularly beneficial as it encouraged me to delve into the local history and architecture without worrying about the cost of entry tickets.

Exclusive Deals at Restaurants, Shops, and Entertainment Venues

Beyond travel and tourism, the Porto Card provides a range of discounts at various eateries, retail outlets, and entertainment venues. During my stay, I enjoyed discounted meals at several local restaurants, which introduced me to Porto’s gastronomic delights at a lower price. Additionally, I took advantage of discounts at local shops, picking up unique souvenirs and gifts.

Simplified Travel Experience

The convenience offered by the Porto Card cannot be overstated. Available in multiple durations—from 24 to 96 hours—the card can be activated to match the length of your stay. I opted for the 72-hour card, which perfectly complemented my weekend trip. Having one card that covered most transportation and entry fees simplified the logistics of my travel, allowing me to enjoy a hassle-free holiday focused on exploring and experiencing all that Porto has to offer.

Enhanced Cultural Engagement

The Porto Card also enabled deeper cultural engagement. With the savings and convenience it provided, I was more inclined to attend a traditional Fado music performance, an experience that was both enriching and memorable. The card facilitated access to this cultural event at a discounted rate, adding another layer to my understanding of Portuguese culture.

The Porto Card is a valuable tool for anyone looking to thoroughly explore Porto while keeping an eye on budget and convenience. It delivers not only on practicalities like transportation and admission fees but also enriches the travel experience by easing access to culture, cuisine, and entertainment. Based on my experience, the card is definitely worth considering for its cost-effectiveness and the comprehensive access it provides to the city’s many treasures.

Cost Comparison – Porto Card vs. Individual Tickets

The Porto Card often presents a more economical choice for visitors planning to explore multiple attractions and use public transportation extensively during their stay in Porto.

The Porto Card offers different durations, such as 1, 2, 3, or 4 days, which means you can choose your card depending on how many days you wish to stay in Porto, with prices starting from around €13 for a 1-day card without transport and €20 with transport included. In contrast, individual tickets for public transport (metro, bus, and trams) can add up quickly. For example, a single metro ticket costs about €1.20 to €1.95, depending on the zones traveled. A typical day of hopping on and off various forms of transport could easily exceed €6.

On a recent trip, I used the 2-day Porto Card with transportation for €30. The freedom to use any public transport at any time without the hassle of purchasing separate tickets each time was not only a time-saver but also a stress reliever. Besides transportation, the Porto Card includes free or discounted access to many of Porto's top attractions. For instance, entry fees for major sites like the Port Wine Cellars, typically around €12, are discounted or waived for cardholders.

When I visited the Serralves Museum and the Casa da Música, I saved approximately €18 on admission fees alone, which already justified the extra cost because of the Porto Card. Additional discounts at certain restaurants and shops, which offer anywhere from 10% to 20% off, further increased the savings.

Therefore, if your itinerary involves frequent use of public transportation and visiting multiple paid attractions per day, the Porto Card not only offers financial benefits but also enhances convenience. For those focusing primarily on free activities or staying outside the central area with minimal travel needs, individual tickets might be more cost-effective. However, for a comprehensive experience of Porto with ease and added value, the Porto Card is definitely worth considering.

Where to Buy a Porto Card From? 

You can buy the Porto Card from several convenient locations that include tourism information offices, online purchase, Airport and train station. Each offering a simple way to start saving on sightseeing and transport as soon as you arrive in the city. In my experience, having the Porto Card made navigating the city not only easier but also more affordable. I found the card especially useful for accessing various historical sites and enjoying discounted admissions.

  • Tourism Information Offices: This is where I bought my Porto Card when I first arrived. You'll find several offices at key tourist spots like Praça da Liberdade and Rua Clube dos Fenianos. They provide not just the card but also helpful advice on how to maximize its benefits.

  • Online Purchase: Before my trip, I realized you could also purchase the Porto Card online. This is a convenient option as you can order the card in advance and either have it delivered to your home or pick it up at a designated spot in Porto. The official Visit Porto website offers this service.

  • Airport and Train Stations: For those who prefer to get it right upon arrival, the Porto Card is available at the Porto Airport and major train stations like São Bento and Campanhã. It was comforting to land and have immediate access to the card, starting my savings from the first bus ride.

Each purchasing option has its merits, but I found buying online saved me a bit of hassle, as it was one less thing to worry about upon arrival. Plus, reviewing the benefits and terms at leisure helped in planning out the sites we wanted to visit.

What is the Cost of a Porto Card?

The Porto Card is available in various durations and prices, offering flexibility based on the length of your stay. A 1-day card costs €13, a 2-day card is €20, a 3-day card is €+ andante card $25, and a 4-day card costs €33.

Purchasing the Porto Card can be a cost-effective decision, especially if you plan to explore extensively. The card includes free or discounted access to numerous museums, tours, and public transportation. This can lead to significant savings on transport and entry fees.

I remember using the Porto Card during my last visit to Porto. I opted for the 3-day card and easily saved over €40 on transport and museum entries alone. The convenience of hopping on and off buses and trams without worrying about tickets was a game-changer. Plus, the discounts at certain popular sites like the Stock Exchange Palace and Porto wine tours made the experience even more enjoyable and economical.

Overall, the Porto Card is worth considering if you aim to explore the city thoroughly and appreciate historical and cultural sites. Its cost can be quickly offset by the savings on transportation and attractions.

Drawbacks of the Porto Card

There are several drawbacks that might influence your decision when considering whether the Porto Card is worth it or not. While the card offers numerous benefits, such as free or discounted access to museums, public transportation, and various cultural sites, there are limitations that might not make it the best choice for every traveler.

Limited Coverage

The Porto Card does not cover entry to all attractions. Some of Porto's major sites, such as the Livraria Lello, are not included. This means you might still face additional expenses for some must-see attractions.

Duration Constraints

The card is available for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days, which might not align perfectly with your travel schedule. If the date of your stay does not sync with the card's duration, you may end up paying for a card you can't fully utilize.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

For those who prefer to explore cities slowly or who do not plan to visit many of the covered sites, the Porto Card may not offer significant savings. The card's cost needs to be weighed against the actual savings on transportation and entry fees.

Public Transportation Limitations

The card includes free public transportation, which is primarily beneficial for travelers who need to move frequently across the city. If your accommodation is centrally located and most sites are within walking distance, the transportation benefits of the card become less valuable.

I found the transportation benefits useful, as my hotel was quite far from the city center. However, I missed out on some attractions not covered by the card, which was disappointing.

So you can say that the Porto Card can be a valuable tool for many travelers, but it is important to assess your specific needs and travel plans to determine if it aligns with what the card offers. Consider the limitations and your own itinerary before purchasing to ensure it provides the expected value.

How To Make the Most of Your Porto Card?

To make the most of your Porto Card, it’s essential to plan strategically and utilize its benefits fully. This card offers numerous opportunities for savings and convenience, transforming your visit into an efficient and enjoyable experience. Personally, the Porto Card provided substantial discounts that made my visiting porto and major attractions like the Clerigos Tower and the Serralves Museum more affordable. The free access to public transportation was invaluable, especially when hopping between sites spread across the city.

Here are some key tips to maximize the benefits of your Porto Card:

  • Prioritize Covered Attractions: Review the list of attractions and museums that offer free entry or discounts with the Porto Card. Plan your itinerary around these to maximize savings.

  • Utilize Public Transport: Take advantage of unlimited free public transportation to navigate the city without the added cost of taxis or car rentals.

  • Check for Event Discounts: The Porto Card sometimes includes discounts for cultural events, performances, or temporary exhibitions that are not always highlighted. Always check the current offers.

  • Dining and Shopping Benefits: Beyond attractions and transport, look for discounts at partner restaurants and shops. This can lead to unexpected savings on meals and souvenirs.

  • Plan Your Visit Duration: Choose a Porto Card valid for the length of your stay, whether it’s for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days, to ensure it covers your entire visit without paying extra for unused days.

  • Early Start: Many attractions open early. Starting your day early allows you to beat the crowds and enjoy more relaxed visits, making full use of every day your card is active.

By following these tips, you can ensure that every aspect of your Porto experience is enhanced by the convenience and savings the Porto Card offers. The card helped me not only save money but also encouraged me to explore sites I might not have considered otherwise, enriching my visit significantly.

Who Should Consider Purchasing the Porto Card? 

If you're thinking about getting a Porto Card, it's good to think about what you want to do and see in Porto. The Porto Card gives you lots of good stuff to enjoy the city more. So it can prove to be a very good choice for many people for example: 

  • Tourists on a Budget: If you want to explore Porto without spending too much, the Porto Card provides substantial savings on attractions, tours, and public transportation.

  • Culture Enthusiasts: Those keen on to visit museums, exhibitions, and cultural sites will find the free or discounted admissions extremely beneficial.

  • Frequent Commuters: If your itinerary involves moving extensively around the city, the unlimited public transportation options can be a major advantage.

  • First-time Visitors: Newcomers who wish to get an extensive overview of the city will appreciate the included tours and discounts on key attractions.

  • Families: Discounts on family-friendly activities and transport can make the Porto Card a cost-effective choice for family trips.

By carefully considering your travel style and what you intend to do in Porto, you can determine if the Porto Card aligns with your needs, potentially enhancing your visit significantly.

What are the Alternatives to the Porto Card? 

Alternatives to the Porto card are single tickets for public transport, day passes, combination tickets, and guided packages. When considering the value of the Porto Card, it's important to explore other options that tourists can use to enhance their travel experience in Porto.

Single Tickets for Public Transport

Instead of opting for the Porto Card, visitors can purchase single tickets for buses, trams, and the metro. This option is cost-effective for those planning limited travel around the city. Single tickets are available at transit stations and through mobile apps, providing flexibility without the need for multi-day commitments.

Day Passes for Public Transport

For more extensive travel within Porto, day passes for public transport are available. These passes offer unlimited travel for a single day and are a good choice for visitors who plan to explore widely but stay for only a short period. They are cheaper than the Porto Card if the additional discounts and free entry to attractions are not needed.

Combination Tickets for Attractions

Visitors can also purchase combination tickets for multiple attractions. These tickets often come at a discounted rate compared to buying individual entry tickets for popular attractions and are perfect for those who have specific sights in mind. This option provides savings without the broader scope of the Porto Card.

Guided Tour Packages

Another alternative is booking guided tour packages. These tours can offer in-depth insights into Porto's history and culture, often including priority access to popular sites. Tour packages vary widely in focus and duration, catering to different interests and schedules.

Each alternative offers distinct advantages depending on the nature of your visit and your travel preferences in Porto. Assessing your itinerary and comparing costs and benefits will help determine the best choice for your trip.

FAQs On Is Porto Card Worth It? 

1. Is the Porto Card worth buying for a short stay in the city?

The Porto Card is worth buying for a short stay, offering convenient access to free public transport and discounts at the city tours many attractions.

2. What are the main benefits of purchasing a Porto Card?

The Porto Card provides free admission or discounted entry to numerous museums and landmarks, as well as unlimited use of public transportation.

3. How much does a Porto Card cost?

Prices for the Porto Card vary depending on the duration of validity, starting from a low-cost option for a one-day pass.

4. Can the Porto Card save money on dining and shopping?

Yes, the Porto Card offers discounts at selected restaurants and shops, enhancing its value.

5. Where can I purchase the Porto Card?

You can purchase the Porto Card online, at tourist information centers, and at some hotels throughout Porto.

6. Are there special rates for children or seniors with the Porto Card?

Yes, the Porto city pass includes reduced rates for children and seniors, making it cost-effective for families.

7. How soon after purchase must I start using the Porto Card?

You must activate the Porto Card within one year of purchase, allowing flexibility in travel planning.

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