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Events In Porto: A Guide to the Top Events in the City

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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Picture a beautiful city sitting by a river called Douro. That's Porto! There are various events in Porto, held all around the year. It is a place bursting with things to do and see all year round.  Whether you love culture, music, sports, or just enjoying tasty food with your family, Porto has it all. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the coolest events that happen here every year. 

From the famous São João Festival to the awesome NOS Primavera Sound music festival, Porto knows how to throw a party! We'll show you what makes Porto's events so special and how you can find out about them. 

So, get ready to explore Porto – a city where every event is a chance to have fun, enjoy, and make unforgettable memories!

Top Annual Events in Porto

The top annual events in Porto are cultural events, sports events, music events, Family-Friendly events, and food and drink events.

Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, is a vibrant hub of culture, music, sports, and culinary delights. Throughout the year, Porto hosts a myriad of events that attract locals and visitors alike. From cultural festivals to music concerts, and sporting competitions to food and drink celebrations, there's always something happening in this enchanting city. Here's a roundup of the top annual events in Porto that you shouldn't miss.

Cultural Events in Porto

Cultural Events in Porto area São João Festival, Fantasporto, and Porto International Book Fair. 

More details about these Porto cultural events are listed below.

São João Festival

Celebrated every year on June 23rd, São João is Porto's biggest street party. This lively event includes music, dancing, traditional food, and the iconic tradition of hitting each other on the head with plastic hammers.


Held in February, Fantasporto is one of Europe's leading film festivals, showcasing a diverse selection of international cinema, including fantasy, horror, and science fiction films.

Porto International Book Fair

This annual event, usually held in September, brings together book lovers and authors from around the world. It features book signings, readings, discussions, and literary workshops.

Music Events in Porto

Music events in Porto are NOS Primavera Sound, Porto Music Experience, and Festa de São João.

 More details about these Porto music events are listed below. 

NOS Primavera Sound

Porto's edition of the famous Primavera Sound Festival takes place in June and features a lineup of renowned international and local artists across various genres, from indie rock to electronic music.

Porto Music Experience

This summer music festival offers a platform for emerging artists and bands, to showcase their talent in venues across the city. It's a fantastic opportunity to discover new music while enjoying Porto's vibrant atmosphere.

Festa de São João

In addition to the traditional festivities, São João also features live music performances throughout the city, ranging from traditional Portuguese music to modern pop and rock concerts.

Sports Events in Porto

Sports events in Porto are the Porto Marathon, Porto Open Tennis Tournament, and Dragon Stadium Tours.

Here is an in-depth guide to sports events in Porto.

Porto Marathon

Held annually in November, the Porto Marathon attracts runners from around the world to compete in one of Portugal's most scenic races, with a route that takes participants along the Douro River and through the city's historic streets.

Porto Open Tennis Tournament

Tennis enthusiasts gather in Porto every year for this ATP Challenger Tour event, where they can watch top-ranked players compete in singles and doubles matches.

Dragon Stadium Tours

While not an annual event per se, guided tours of FC Porto's iconic Estádio do Dragão offer sports fans a chance to explore the stadium, visit the trophy room, and learn about the club's rich history.

Food and Drink Events in Porto

Food and Drinks events in Porto are Porto Food Week, Porto Wines Fest, and Francesinha Festival.

More details about these Porto food and drink events are listed below.

Porto Food Week

This culinary extravaganza takes place in October and celebrates Porto's gastronomic heritage with food tastings, cooking workshops, wine pairings, and special menus offered by participating restaurants.

Porto Wine Fest

Wine lovers flock to Porto in June for this festival dedicated to the city's most famous export: port wine. Visitors can sample a wide variety of ports, attend tasting sessions, and learn about the winemaking process from local producers.

Francesinha Festival

The Francesinha is Porto's signature dish, and every year, restaurants compete to see who can make the best version of this hearty sandwich at the Francesinha Festival, held in September.

Family-Friendly Events in Porto

Family-friendly events in Porto are Porto City Park, Porto Children's Book Fair, and Porto Street Art Tour.

More details about these Porto Family-Friendly events are listed below.

Porto City Park

Families can enjoy a day outdoors at Porto's expansive City Park, which offers playgrounds, picnic areas, bike paths, and even a small zoo.

Porto Children's Book Fair

Held in April, this event features storytelling sessions, puppet shows, arts and crafts activities, and book signings by children's authors, making it a fun and educational experience for kids of all ages.

Porto Street Art Tour

Families can explore Porto's vibrant street art scene on a guided tour that takes them through the city's colorful neighborhoods, where they can marvel at murals, graffiti, and urban installations.

How to Find Out About Upcoming Events in Porto?

To find out about upcoming events in Porto you should check online event calendars, follow social media, and visit the tourist information center.

Checking Online Event Calendars

Websites like Visitporto(dot)travel and Porto(dot)pt feature comprehensive event listings, including cultural, music, sports, and family-friendly activities.

Following Social Media

Follow Porto's official tourism accounts and event organizers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for real-time updates and announcements.

Visiting Tourist Information Centers

Stop by one of Porto's tourist information centers to pick up brochures, maps, and event guides with information about upcoming events and attractions in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions on Events in Porto

Q: Are Porto's events suitable for families with children?

  • A: Yes, Porto hosts a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year, including children's book fairs, street art tours, and outdoor activities in City Park.

Q: How can I purchase tickets for Porto's music festivals and cultural events?

  • A: Tickets for Porto's events can usually be purchased online through official event websites, ticketing platforms, or at designated box offices in the city.

Q: Are there any free events in Porto?

  • A: Yes, Porto offers many free events, including street parties, art exhibitions, outdoor concerts, and cultural festivals that are open to the public.

Q: Is it necessary to book accommodation in advance during major events in Porto?

  • A: It's recommended to book accommodation in advance, especially during popular events like São João and NOS Primavera Sound, as hotels and guesthouses tend to fill up quickly.

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