Best Areas to Stay in Lagos Portugal: Best Traveller Guide In 2024

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The best areas to stay in Lagos, Portugal can enhance your vacation, offering convenient access to beautiful beaches, charming old town streets, and a variety of attractions.

Choosing the right accommodation can greatly enhance your experience in this charming coastal town. From bustling city center locations to tranquil beachfront resorts, Lagos offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every traveler's preferences and budget. Lagos offers you vibrant nightlife, scenic beaches, and cultural charm.


What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing an Area to Stay in Lagos?

Factors that you should consider when choosing an area to stay in Lagos are proximity to beaches, accessibility amenities, accommodation options, transportation, safety and security, and budget.

Lagos, Portugal, with its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture, is a top destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable holiday experience. I personally prefer accommodations within walking distance of the beach. Assess the neighborhood's ambiance and amenities, such as restaurants and shops. Safety and accessibility are crucial too, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay. Lastly, budget considerations play a role in selecting the right area for accommodation.

Taking these factors into account will help you find the perfect place to stay in Lagos. When planning a relaxing beach getaway, an adventurous surf trip, or a cultural exploration of the Algarve region, choosing the right area to stay in Lagos is essential to ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Here are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect area for your accommodation:

Proximity to Beaches

One of the main attractions of Lagos is its breathtaking beaches, each offering its own unique charm and beauty.

Consider staying in an area that is close to the beach if you plan to spend a lot of time soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, or participating in water sports.

Lagos boasts several stunning beaches, including Meia Praia, Dona Ana Beach, Porto de Mós, and Praia da Batata, so choose an area that provides easy access to your preferred beach activities.


Accessibility to Amenities

When choosing an area to stay in Lagos, consider its proximity to amenities such as restaurants, cafes, shops, and attractions. Staying in or near the city center allows easy access to a wide range of dining options, entertainment venues, and cultural sites, while more secluded areas may require a short drive or taxi ride to reach amenities.

Think about your preferences and priorities, whether you prefer the convenience of urban amenities or the tranquility of a secluded retreat.

Accommodation Options

Lagos offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference, including hotels, guesthouses, apartments, villas, and vacation rentals. Consider what type of accommodation best fits your needs, whether you're looking for a luxury resort with spa facilities, a family-friendly hotel with swimming pools and entertainment options, or a cozy guesthouse with personalized service.

Research the available accommodation options in each area to find the perfect place to stay during your visit to Lagos.


Lagos is well-connected by public transportation, including buses and trains, making it easy to explore the city and surrounding areas. Consider staying in an area that is close to transportation hubs, such as the train station or bus terminal, if you plan to travel around Lagos or visit nearby towns and attractions.

Alternatively, if you prefer to explore on foot or by bicycle, choose an area that is within walking or cycling distance of the main sights and attractions.

Safety and Security

Safety is a top priority when choosing an area to stay in Lagos. Look for areas that are known for their safety and security, especially if you're traveling alone or with your family. Research crime rates read reviews from other travelers, and consider the reputation of the area before making your decision.

Staying in a well-lit, populated area with security measures in place can help ensure a safe and enjoyable stay in Lagos.


Finally, consider your budget when choosing an area to stay in Lagos. Accommodation prices vary depending on the location, amenities, and time of year, so it's essential to set a budget and stick to it when searching for accommodation.

Keep in mind that prices may be higher in popular tourist areas or during peak travel seasons, so be flexible with your dates or consider staying in a less touristy area to save money.

7 Main Areas to Stay in Lagos Portugal

7 main areas to stay in Lagos, Portugal are City Center, Meia Praia, Porto de Mós, Praia da Luz, Burgau, Sagres, and Alvor.

The seven main areas to stay in Lagos, Portugal, offer diverse experiences. From my exploration, each area has its unique charm and appeal. Whether you prefer beachfront luxury or quaint historic streets, there's a perfect neighborhood to suit your preferences. Each area offers its own distinct atmosphere and amenities, ensuring a memorable stay in Lagos.

The bustling heart of Lagos offers historic streets lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Visitors can explore cultural landmarks such as the ancient city walls and the charming old town square.

Accommodation options range from boutique hotels to family-run guesthouses, with many establishments nestled within walking distance of Lagos Marina, old town streets, and stunning beaches like Praia Dona Ana and Praia da Batata.

City Center

Lagos' city center is the heart of the action, offering a vibrant mix of historic charm, lively nightlife, and cultural attractions. Lagos city center is bustling with charm and activity. From my own experience, it's the heart of the town, offering a vibrant atmosphere with its historic streets, lively cafes, and cultural landmarks.

Staying in Lagos city center provides easy access to restaurants, shops, and nightlife, making it an ideal choice for those who want to be at the center of the action.

Additionally, the city center serves as a convenient base for exploring nearby beaches and attractions along the Algarve coast. Overall, Lagos city center offers a dynamic and immersive experience for visitors to the area.


Meia Praia

For those seeking a beachfront retreat, Meia Praia is an excellent choice. This long stretch of golden sand, flanked by rolling sand dunes, offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Accommodation options here include luxury resorts located just a short walk from Meia Praia beach, offering panoramic ocean views, spa facilities, and outdoor pools.

Boasting a long stretch of golden sand, Meia Praia is ideal for beach lovers seeking a relaxing getaway. The area offers a range of accommodations, from luxury resorts to cozy guesthouses, all within walking distance of the beach. There are some hotels and guesthouses located near the Meia Praia Beach.

Porto de Mós

Porto de Mós is renowned for its cliff-backed beaches and dramatic coastline, making it a popular destination for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. Accommodation options in Porto de Mós range from boutique hotels to beachfront resorts, offering guests easy access to Porto de Mós beach and stunning sea views.

Known for its stunning cliffs and secluded coves, Porto de Mós is perfect for those seeking a quieter beach experience. The area offers upscale accommodations with breathtaking ocean views and easy access to hiking trails along the coast.

Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz, just a short drive from Lagos, is a tranquil seaside village known for its relaxed atmosphere and family-friendly beaches. Accommodation options in Praia da Luz include family-run hotels, holiday apartments, and luxury villas, providing guests with a peaceful retreat surrounded by beautiful beaches and charming cafes.

A charming coastal village with a relaxed atmosphere, Praia da Luz is popular among families and couples. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the calm waters of the bay and exploring the village's quaint streets dotted with cafes and shops.

praia da luz


Nestled between cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean, Burgau offers a secluded getaway with a laid-back vibe. Accommodation options in Burgau range from cozy guesthouses to beachfront resorts, providing guests with easy access to Burgau beach and breathtaking coastal walks.

A picturesque fishing village with narrow cobblestone streets and colorful houses, Burgau offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Visitors can unwind on the sandy beach or explore the nearby nature reserves and hiking trails.



Located on the southwestern tip of Portugal, Sagres is a surfer's paradise known for its rugged coastline and epic waves. Accommodation options in Sagres include surf camps, eco-friendly lodges, and boutique hotels, catering to surfers and nature lovers looking to explore the untouched beauty of the Algarve region.

Located on the southwestern tip of Portugal, Sagres is a haven for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The area offers rugged cliffs, dramatic landscapes, and some of the best surfing spots in the Algarve.


While not directly in Lagos, Alvor is worth considering for its picturesque beaches, charming village streets, and proximity to Lagos. Accommodation options in Alvor include luxury resorts, beachfront hotels, and vacation rentals, providing guests with a tranquil escape amidst stunning surroundings.

A charming village known for its scenic harbor and picturesque old town, Alvor offers a laid-back atmosphere and stunning beaches.

Visitors can stroll along the waterfront promenade, dine at seafood restaurants, and explore the historic streets lined with whitewashed buildings.


What are the Best Areas to Stay in Lagos Portugal for Families?

The best areas to stay in Lagos, Portugal for families are Meia Praia, Porto de Mós, Praia da Luz, Lagos Old Town, and Lagos Marina. They offer a perfect blend of family-friendly beaches, accommodation options, and amenities. The best areas to stay in Lagos, Portugal for families offer a combination of convenience, amenities, and family-friendly attractions. From my experience, Meia Praia is ideal for families, with its long stretch of sandy beach and calm waters perfect for children.

Another great option is Porto de Mós, known for its tranquil atmosphere and upscale accommodations that cater to families' needs. Overall, these areas offer a safe and enjoyable environment for families visiting Lagos.These areas provide a safe and welcoming environment for families to enjoy quality time together, with easy access to kid-friendly activities, restaurants, and attractions.

From beachfront resorts to charming village streets, here are some of the best areas to stay in Lagos, Portugal for families:

Meia Praia

Meia Praia is a popular choice for families seeking a beach holiday in Lagos. This expansive stretch of golden sand, flanked by rolling sand dunes, offers plenty of space for families to spread out and enjoy the sun. Meia Praia is also known for its calm waters, making it ideal for swimming and water sports with children.

Accommodation options in Meia Praia range from family-friendly resorts to vacation rentals, providing guests with easy access to the beach and a range of amenities.Many of the hotels in Lagos are on the cliff between the old town and the Ponte da Piedade headland, or near the vast Meia Praia beach.


Porto de Mós

Porto de Mós is another excellent option for families looking for a beachfront retreat in Lagos. This picturesque area boasts a stunning beach with clear waters and golden sands, perfect for building sandcastles and soaking up the sun. Porto de Mós is also home to several family-friendly hotels and resorts, offering spacious accommodations, swimming pools, and kids' clubs.

Stroll through the sub tropical gardens and you'll find yourself on Porto de Mos beach. Located in Lagos, 1640 feet from Porto de Mos Beach and 1.2 mi from Dona Ana Beach, you can find Lagos Atlantic Hotel which offers an outdoor swimming pool, a garden and a bar.

With its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, Porto de Mós is sure to delight families of all ages.

Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz, just a short drive from Lagos, is a charming seaside village that offers a peaceful escape for families. The beach at Praia da Luz is sheltered by cliffs, creating calm waters that are safe for children to swim in. Accommodation options in Praia da Luz include family-friendly hotels, holiday apartments, and villas, providing guests with all the comforts of home.

The village itself is dotted with cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it easy for families to find everything they need for a relaxing stay.

Lagos Old Town

Just a ten-minute walk from the marina is Lagos's vibrant Old Town. For families who want to experience the rich history and culture of Lagos, staying in the old town is a great choice. The cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and charming squares make this area a delight to explore on foot. Accommodation options in the old town include family-run guesthouses and boutique hotels, offering a cozy and authentic experience for families.

From the old town, families can easily access the city's attractions, including museums, churches, and galleries.


Lagos Marina

Lagos Marina is another popular area for families, offering a mix of waterfront charm and modern amenities. Families can stroll along the marina promenade, admire the yachts, and dine at waterfront restaurants. Accommodation options near Lagos Marina include family-friendly hotels and apartments, many of which offer stunning views of the marina and the Atlantic Ocean.

From the marina, families can also embark on boat tours, dolphin-watching excursions, and water sports activities.



In conclusion, Lagos, Portugal, stands as an inviting destination with a plethora of attractions and amenities to offer travelers from around the world.

From the moment visitors arrive at Faro Airport, they are greeted by the promise of adventure and relaxation. With its amazing beaches, including the renowned Porto de Mos, Lagos beckons beach lovers to its shores for a taste of paradise. The city boasts a central location with easy access to Lagos hotels along the seafront, providing convenient accommodation options for all travelers.

Its cobbled streets and historical center exude charm and character, offering glimpses into the city's rich history. From exploring the Lagos coastline to lounging by a rooftop pool, visitors can indulge in a range of activities while soaking in the stunning sea views.

The surrounding palm-lined landscapes and picturesque landmarks like Igreja de Santo and Ponta da Piedade add to the allure of this destination. In essence, Lagos encapsulates the essence of a perfect getaway, blending natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern comforts seamlessly along its captivating coastline.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Areas to Stay in Lagos Portugal

1. Is Lagos city center a good place to stay?

Yes, Lagos city center offers a vibrant atmosphere, historic charm, and convenient access to beaches, restaurants, and attractions, making it an excellent choice for travelers.

2. Are there accommodations near Lagos Marina?

Yes, there are several accommodations near Lagos Marina, including hotels, guesthouses, and vacation rentals, offering guests stunning views of the marina and easy access to waterfront dining and activities.

3. Which area in Lagos has the best beaches?

Lagos boasts many beautiful beaches, but Praia Dona Ana, Meia Praia, and Porto de Mós are among the most popular for their pristine sands and crystal-clear waters. They have an outdoor pool and a family run hotel nearby.

4. Is transportation easily accessible from the areas mentioned?

Yes, transportation is readily available in Lagos, with bus stations, train stations, and taxi services serving the city and surrounding areas, making it easy to explore the region.

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