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6 Best Places to Live in Portugal for Families In 2024

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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Portugal stands out as an ideal destination for families seeking a new home, offering safety, welcoming communities, and quality education. From Lisbon's historic charm to the Algarve's sunshine, a variety of family-friendly locales await. Each spot combines culture, nature, and amenities uniquely. With options ranging from bustling cities to peaceful coastal towns, Portugal presents an affordable and diverse choice for family living.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Place to Live in Portugal for Families

When choosing a place to live in Portugal for families or international residents, several key factors come into play to ensure the location meets your needs and preferences. Here's a concise guide to help make your decision easier.

1. Cost of Living: Portugal offers a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other European countries, but expenses can vary widely between regions.

2. Education System: Consider the availability and quality of local schools, including Portuguese own international school options.

3. Healthcare Facilities: Access to quality healthcare is crucial. Research the local private healthcare services and facilities.

4. Safety and Community: Look for areas known for their safety and sense of community, which are vital for family life.

5. Proximity to Amenities: Evaluate the accessibility of essential amenities like shops, parks, and recreational facilities.

6. Public Transport and Connectivity: A well-connected area can significantly ease daily commutes and travel.

7. Employment Opportunities: For working parents, local job markets and opportunities can be a deciding factor.

8. Cultural and Recreational Activities: Consider the cultural vibe of the area and availability of recreational activities suitable for all family members.

Best Places to Live in Portugal for Families

Best Places to Live in Portugal for Families are Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and Cascais. They offer an ideal blend of safety, community, and amenities. These locations prioritize family-friendly environments, and excellent schooling options with the Portuguese education system and recreational facilities. From vibrant cities to serene coastal towns, Portugal provides diverse choices for families seeking a fulfilling lifestyle.


Algarve stands out as one of the prime choices for families seeking the best places to live in Portugal. It is known for its stunning coastline, family-friendly amenities, and vibrant community, Algarve offers an unparalleled quality of life.


The region boasts a plethora of family-oriented activities, including pristine beaches, water parks, and outdoor recreational spaces. Families can indulge in a myriad of cultural experiences, from exploring various historical sites and landmarks to savoring authentic Portuguese cuisine in charming local eateries.


Moreover, Algarve is renowned for its excellent educational facilities, with private schools providing top-notch schooling options for children of all ages. With a welcoming environment and strong sense of community, families can thrive in this picturesque region of Portugal.


Algarve offers a range of housing options to suit diverse family needs, from spacious villas to modern apartments. The region's efficient transportation network ensures easy access to amenities, schools, and employment opportunities, further enhancing its appeal as a family-friendly destination.


Overall, with its scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage, and family-focused amenities, Algarve emerges as an ideal choice for families seeking an exceptional living experience in Portugal.


Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, emerges as one of the best places to live for families in the country. Its vibrant culture, excellent educational opportunities, and diverse neighborhoods cater to the needs of families seeking a high quality of life. With its rich history and modern amenities, Lisbon offers a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary living. From spacious parks to family-friendly activities, Lisbon provides an ideal environment for raising children. Additionally, the city's efficient public transportation, education system, Lisbon airport and healthcare facilities ensure convenience and peace of mind for families. In terms of safety, Lisbon ranks high, providing a secure environment for families to thrive. Overall, Lisbon stands out as a top choice for families looking for an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle in Portugal.


Porto stands out as one of the best places to live in Portugal for families due to its vibrant culture, excellent amenities, and family-friendly atmosphere. Its rich history and charming architecture offer an enriching environment for children to grow up in. With top-rated international schools and healthcare facilities, Porto ensures a high quality of life for families. The city's numerous parks and recreational areas provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle for all ages. Additionally, Porto's strong sense of community fosters a supportive network for families, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a nurturing environment to raise their children.


Cascais stands out as one of the prime choices for families seeking the best places to live in Portugal. Renowned for its picturesque coastline, family-friendly atmosphere, and high quality of life, Cascais offers an ideal setting for raising children. With its excellent public schools,, recreational facilities, and safe neighborhoods, it caters to the needs of families in every aspect. Additionally, the town boasts a vibrant community life, ensuring that families can easily integrate and thrive in their new environment. Furthermore, Cascais provides convenient access to essential amenities such as healthcare services, shopping centers, and transportation infrastructure, making it a practical and desirable location for families to settle down. Overall, Cascais emerges as a top contender for families seeking an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle in Portugal.


Coimbra, renowned for its family-friendly environment, emerges as one of the best places to live in Portugal for families. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and excellent educational opportunities, Coimbra offers a nurturing atmosphere conducive to family life. The city center's tranquil surroundings, coupled with affordable cost, make it an ideal destination for families seeking a balanced lifestyle. Coimbra's well-developed infrastructure, including healthcare facilities and recreational amenities, ensures that families have access to essential services and activities. Additionally, the city's strong sense of community fosters a supportive network for families settling in the area.


Aveiro is among the best places to live in Portugal for families due to its charming atmosphere, family-friendly amenities, and excellent quality of life. With its picturesque canals, colorful moliceiro boats, and beautiful beaches nearby, Aveiro offers a serene and scenic environment for families to thrive. The city boasts a range of educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and recreational activities suitable for families with children of all ages. Additionally, Aveiro's strong sense of community and low crime rates provide a safe and welcoming environment for families to call home.

Other Family-Friendly Towns and Villages in Portugal

Other towns major cities and villages in Portugal that offer a family-friendly environment include:


  • Cascais: Known for its beautiful beaches, excellent schools, and safe neighborhoods, Cascais is a top choice for families seeking a high quality of life.

  • Sintra: With its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and proximity to Lisbon, Sintra provides families with a unique blend of culture and outdoor activities.

  • Évora: This historic city boasts a peaceful atmosphere, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a range of family-oriented amenities, making it an attractive option for those seeking a slower pace of life.

  • Lagos: Offering picturesque beaches, a vibrant expat community, and a range of international schools, Lagos is a popular destination for families looking to relocate to Portugal's Algarve region.

  • Tavira: With its charming old town, family-friendly beaches, and relaxed atmosphere, Tavira appeals to families seeking a traditional Portuguese lifestyle with modern conveniences.

  • Braga: Known for its excellent healthcare facilities, educational opportunities, and family-oriented events, Braga provides a welcoming environment for families looking to settle in northern Portugal.

Tips To Consider Before Moving to Portugal With Family

Before relocating to Portugal with your family, it's essential to consider several key factors to ensure a smooth transition and a fulfilling experience. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your move:


  1. Research Family-Friendly Neighborhoods: Look into the best places to live in Portugal for families, considering factors such as safety, access to amenities, proximity to schools, and community atmosphere.


  1. Evaluate School Options: Research schools in your chosen area to find the best fit for your children, considering both public and private institutions, as well as international schools if applicable.


  1. Understand Healthcare Coverage: Familiarize yourself with Portugal's healthcare system and ensure you have comprehensive coverage for your family. Consider private health insurance for additional peace of mind.


  1. Explore Housing Options: Whether renting or buying, explore housing options that meet your family's needs in terms of size, location, and budget. Consider factors such as proximity to schools, parks, and public transportation.


  1. Learn About Work and Business Opportunities: If you're moving for work or considering starting a business in Portugal, research job markets, networking opportunities, and any legal requirements for employment or entrepreneurship.


  1. Embrace Portuguese Culture and Language: Take time to learn about Portuguese culture, traditions, and language. Embracing the local culture will not only enrich your family's experience but also help you integrate into your new community.


By carefully considering these tips before moving to Portugal with your family, you can ensure a smooth transition and create a fulfilling life in your new home.

Researching the Cost of Living in Portugal

Researching the cost of living in Portugal is crucial for expat families when considering a move. Begin by exploring various regions to find the best places to live in Portugal for families. Look into factors like housing prices, utility costs, education expenses, healthcare fees, and overall affordability. Consider consulting online resources, expat forums, and local experts for up-to-date information on the cost of living in specific areas. Keep in mind that expenses may vary depending on the region, so compare different locations to make an informed decision.

Finding Suitable Housing and Neighborhoods in Portugal

Finding suitable housing and neighborhoods in Portugal can greatly impact your family's quality of life. When considering the best places to live in Portugal for families, prioritize safety, access to amenities, and proximity to schools and parks. Coastal areas like Cascais and Estoril offer beautiful scenery and a relaxed lifestyle, while cities like Lisbon and Porto provide cultural richness and urban conveniences. Researching neighborhoods thoroughly and visiting them in person can help you make an informed decision. Additionally, consulting with local real estate agents can provide valuable insights into available properties and neighborhood dynamics. Ultimately, choose a neighborhood that aligns with your family's needs and preferences for an enjoyable living experience in Portugal.

Adjusting to the Lifestyle and Culture in Portugal

Adjusting to the lifestyle and culture in Portugal is essential, especially when moving with family. Researching the best places to live in Portugal for families living together can provide valuable insights into suitable neighborhoods and communities. It's crucial to consider factors like proximity to schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational areas.


Exploring the local culture and customs beforehand can help ease the transition. Embracing the Portuguese way of life, including their cuisine, festivals, family activities, and social norms, fosters a sense of belonging. Engaging with the community through local events and activities can also facilitate integration.


Learning the language, even basic Portuguese phrases, can greatly enhance communication and interactions with locals. Enrolling children in language classes at international school or schools that offer bilingual education can aid in their adaptation process.


Understanding the healthcare system and access to medical services is paramount for families. Researching healthcare providers, insurance options, and emergency protocols ensures preparedness in case of medical needs.


Lastly, maintaining an open mind and a positive attitude towards cultural differences is key. Embracing diversity enriches the expatriate experience and facilitates smoother integration into Portuguese society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best place to live in Portugal for families?

A: When selecting the ideal location in Portugal for families, it's crucial to prioritize factors such as safety, higher education, options, healthcare facilities, recreational activities, and overall quality of life.

Q: Are there specific regions in Portugal known for being particularly family-friendly?

A: Yes, regions like Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, Algarve, Braga, and Coimbra are renowned for their family-friendly environments, offering various amenities and opportunities for families to thrive.

Q: How can I determine if a neighborhood in Portugal is suitable for my family's needs?

A: Conduct thorough research on factors such as crime rates, proximity to schools and medical facilities, availability of parks and playgrounds, and community atmosphere to assess the suitability of a neighborhood for your family.

Q: Are there affordable housing and public transport options available in family-friendly areas of Portugal?

A: Yes, while some areas may have higher housing costs, there are still affordable options available in family-friendly regions of Portugal, especially if you explore different neighborhoods and housing types.

Q: What educational opportunities are available for younger children in family-friendly areas of Portugal?

A: Family-friendly areas in Portugal typically offer a range of educational opportunities, including public, public and private schools, and international schools, as well as preschools and daycare facilities to cater to the needs of families with children.

Q: How can I ensure a smooth transition for my family when relocating to Portugal?

A: To ensure a smooth transition when relocating to Portugal, consider factors such as obtaining the necessary visas and permits, researching housing and schooling options in advance, and engaging with local communities to ease the adjustment process for your family.

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