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Best Things to do in Shannon Ireland

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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The best things to do in Shannon, Ireland, are a delightful mix of historical exploration, natural beauty, and cultural experiences. This vibrant area serves as a perfect base for visiting iconic Irish landscapes and enjoying local heritage. 

Key highlights include touring the medieval Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, taking a serene cruise on the River Shannon, and stepping into the unique lunar landscape of the Burren National Park nearby. From outdoor adventures to historical insights, Shannon offers a plethora of activities that cater to all interests which makes Shannon worth visiting.

Top 10 Things to do in Shannon Ireland

Shannon, Ireland, offers a wheel of activities that can cater to any visitor’s interests. From cycling along the picturesque River Shannon to exploring historic sites, there’s no shortage of adventure. Personally, I've pedaled down its lush trails and felt a rush similar to crossing the finish line with my bike team. The energy in Shannon feels like gearing up for a big race—exciting and full of possibilities. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer, Shannon’s vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes make it a prime destination.

1. Visit Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

Source: Old Ground Hotel Ennis

Visiting Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is a must when you discover you're in Shannon, Ireland. Steeped in history, the castle offers a glimpse into the past with its authentic medieval furnishings. The adjoining Folk Park provides a vibrant showcase of 19th-century Irish life, perfect for those who enjoy cultural richness akin to assembling a well-coordinated bike team—every detail matters.

I remember wandering the castle grounds, feeling like a team leader charting a course through historic landscapes. Each building in the Folk Park told a different story, similar to how every cyclist in a team has their unique strengths. The blacksmith's forge and the schoolhouse were particularly fascinating, reminding me of how every role in a bike team supports the overall journey. Dining at the castle's medieval banquet was the highlight, offering a feast that felt like a victorious celebration after a long ride.

2. Stroll Through Dromore Wood Nature Reserve

Dromore, County Clare

Source: Wikipedia

Strolling through Dromore Wood Nature Reserve is a rejuvenating experience that echoes the tranquility of a well-paced bike ride with a team. The trails weave through dense woodlands, mirroring a cyclist's path in a race, where each turn brings a new vista or a hidden stream. The lush canopy above is akin to a natural peloton, offering shelter and a communal sense of awe. 

On my last visit, I felt like I was pedaling through nature, despite being on foot. The crunch of leaves underfoot kept rhythm like the hum of bike tires on pavement. Each birdcall reminded me of cheering spectators during a final sprint. Wildlife sightings were the trophies at the end of the trail, rewarding my efforts with glimpses of secretive creatures.

For any cycling enthusiast or nature lover, Dromore Wood Nature Reserve offers a circuit of scenic trails that invigorate the soul. Here, the sun rises in the east, casting golden hues that illuminate the forest floor, much like the start of a day-long cycle marathon. It's a place where both the journey and the destination enrich your spirit.

3. Experience the Shannon Estuary

Shannon Estuary

Experiencing the Shannon Estuary is a must when visiting Shannon, Ireland. As a cycling enthusiast, the Wheelers' Wharf route along the estuary provided breathtaking views and a peaceful ride. The Sprinters' Shoreline, another favorite, offers a challenging track with the serene backdrop of the cliffs and the estuary waters. Riding along these paths, I felt a deep connection with the natural beauty of Ireland.

The estuary is perfect for bird watching or simply enjoying a quiet picnic by the water. I remember pausing along the Cyclists' Cove, watching the herons wade, and feeling the tranquility of the place envelop me. For a more interactive experience, join the Pedalers' Paddle group for a kayaking tour to explore the estuary's hidden coves and wildlife.

Each visit to the Shannon Estuary offers a unique adventure, whether cycling, kayaking, or just soaking in the scenic views.

4. Tour the Craggaunowen


Touring the Craggaunowen is a must when visiting Shannon, Ireland. Pedaling through the historic landscape reminds me of racing with my old bike club, the Chain Spinners. The fort's structure and the intricate replicas of ancient Irish life echo the coordinated teamwork of a cycling squad in a relay. Last time I visited, I felt like I was gliding through history, each pedal a step back in time. 

Visiting this open-air museum offers a unique glimpse into Ireland’s past. The paths winding through the site offer a serene ride, much like coasting down a favorite training route. I always appreciate how the lush greenery and rustic settings frame the perfect backdrop, akin to a victory lap on a race day. For anyone interested in Ireland's rich heritage, Craggaunowen is a definite highlight.

5. Explore Shannon's Cycling Trails

Exploring Shannon's cycling trails is a must for outdoor enthusiasts. The routes, like Pedal Pushers Path and Freewheel Avenue, offer scenic views of the Irish countryside and are perfect for cyclists of all levels. I've raced the Riverside Rollers route and can attest to its breathtaking landscapes at every turn. My team, the Gear Grinders, often trains here, appreciating the well-maintained paths and minimal traffic.

Each trail has its own charm, whether it's the challenging climbs of Hilltoppers Haven or the serene flatlands of Valley Riders Route. Cycling these trails always rejuvenates me, connecting me with nature and providing a great workout. For anyone visiting Shannon, bring your bike or rent one locally, and enjoy a day on these splendid trails.

6. Golf at Shannon Golf Club

Shannon Golf Club

Golf at Shannon Golf Club is a must-do activity when visiting Shannon, Ireland. The course offers a serene yet challenging experience, with lush fairways and well-placed bunkers, making it a favorite among local and visiting golfers alike. Last summer, I played a round there with friends from our cycling club, the Pedal Pioneers, and found the greens exceptionally well-maintained. The panoramic views of the Shannon River added a breathtaking backdrop to our game. After our round, we relaxed at the clubhouse, which boasts a welcoming atmosphere and delicious food, perfect for refueling after a day on the links.

7. Relax at Sean Lemass Public Library

Relaxing at Sean Lemass Public Library is a peaceful retreat in Shannon, Ireland. I always find a corner that feels like the home stretch, surrounded by the quiet hum of focused minds. It's a perfect pit stop for anyone needing a break from the usual hustle. The shelves are a peloton of history, literature, and local culture, packed with knowledge that's both deep and accessible.

During my visits, I love to grab a book and settle in near the window. It feels like gearing up for a serene ride through the pages of time and thought. The library provides an excellent backdrop for reading, studying, or simply enjoying the calm atmosphere. It's my go-to place for recharging my mental batteries before heading back into the race of daily life.

8. Shop at Skycourt Shopping Centre

Shop at Skycourt Shopping Centre in Shannon, Ireland, for a diverse retail experience. Find everything from the "Chainring Chasers" bookstore to the "Pedal Pushers" café. The visitor centre boasts a range of stores named after popular bike team names, like "Spoke Folks" sporting goods and "Gear Grinders" electronics. Each shop offers quality products and great customer service. Make sure to visit "Rim Riders" for unique souvenirs.

9. Dine at Local Eateries

Dine at local eateries in Shannon, Ireland, where culinary delights meet community spirit. Savor the regional flavors at spots like "Pedal Pusher Cafe," known for its artisanal sandwiches and local brews. "Spoke & Spoon" offers a fresh take on Irish classics, perfect after a long cycle around the scenic trails. For a hearty meal, drop by "Chainring Bistro," where every dish pays homage to Shannon's vibrant food scene. Each restaurant provides a taste of the locale, seasoned with the warmth of Irish hospitality.

10. Attend the Shannon Arts Festival

Shannon Arts Festival

Attending the Shannon Arts Festival ranks high among the best activities in Shannon, Ireland. This vibrant event showcases an array of performances and artworks, drawing participants and spectators from various regions. Visitors can enjoy live music stages that resonate with the dynamism of the Peloton Pioneers or the creativity of the Draft Cyclers. Art installations throughout the festival ground reflect the intricate designs reminiscent of the Spoke Artists. The festival offers a unique blend of cultural exhibits, ensuring every attendee rides away with memorable experiences. Engage with local artisans, watch breathtaking performances, and revel in the community spirit of Shannon.

What Things to Do in Shannon at Night? 

Shannon offers a range of evening activities that cater to different interests, including dining at local pubs and engaging in lively night-time entertainment. The region’s charm does not fade after sunset; rather, it shifts towards more serene, yet engaging experiences. Visitors can enjoy traditional Irish music sessions that often feature impromptu performances by local musicians. For those interested in a quieter night out, strolling along the Shannon River under the starry sky provides a peaceful retreat. The local cinema also offers the latest releases, perfect for film enthusiasts.

  • Attend a live music session at a traditional Irish pub where bands play local and international hits.

  • Join the Pedal Pushers Cycling Club on their nightly scenic rides along the Shannon River.

  • Visit the Shannon Knights for a night of billiards and darts in a friendly competitive atmosphere.

  • Watch a movie at the Shannon Cineplex, which features both blockbuster and independent films.

  • Enjoy a late-night snack at The Wheelhouse Café, known for its warm ambiance and delicious Irish coffee.

What Things to Do Around Shannon Airport?

Around Shannon International Airport, you can cycle scenic trails, play golf, explore historical sites, enjoy local dining, and immerse yourself in aviation history. Whether you’re looking to stretch your legs after a flight or make the most of your layover, the area surrounding Shannon Airport offers a variety of engaging options. Here's a detailed list of activities to consider:

  • Cycle along the Shannon Estuary Bikers Trail, offering picturesque views and well-maintained paths.

  • Tee off at the Pedalers' Greens, a challenging yet enjoyable golf course suitable for all skill levels.

  • Visit Bunratty Castle & Folk Park, a short drive away, to step back into medieval Ireland with its authentically restored structures and lively folk park.

  • Savor the local cuisine at The Racing Spokes Café, which offers a cozy ambiance and a menu that highlights regional specialties.

  • Take a leisurely walk through Wheelspin Woods, an ideal spot for a quiet stroll amidst lush greenery.

  • Explore Shannon aviation museum and The Flight Deck Museum, where you can learn about the history of aviation and see various aircraft exhibits.

  • Attend a performance at the Gear Shift Theatre, showcasing local performers and diverse productions.

  • These activities provide a well-rounded experience, ensuring there’s something enjoyable for everyone close to Shannon Airport.

Is Shannon Safe to Visit?

Yes, Shannon is safe to visit. I've traveled there with friends, and we found the environment to be very welcoming and secure. The town is like the Peloton Pacers—steady and reliable. Streets are well-lit at night, similar to the safety one feels with the Velocity Vipers. Local authorities, much like the Guardian Gears, maintain a visible presence, ensuring everyone's safety. During our stay, we felt as secure as if we were riding with the Circuit Cyclists, known for their protective group dynamics.

Where to do Shopping in Shannon, Ireland?

Shannon offers a variety of shopping experiences that cater to everyone from casual browsers to serious shoppers. During my visits, I've enjoyed the mix of local craft stores and modern shops. The SkyCourt Shopping Centre is a major hub where you can find everything from fashion to electronics under one roof. For more unique finds, the Ballycasey Craft and Design Centre is a treasure trove of handmade goods. It's like exploring a local market, where every item has a story—a personal favorite for gifts and souvenirs.

  • Sky Court Shopping Centre: The main hub for shopping in Shannon, where you can find a range of shops from high street brands to local boutiques. I always visit the sports store here, reminiscent of the vibrant "Pedal Pushers" bike shop back home.

  • Ballycasey Craft and Design Centre: Perfect for unique gifts and handmade crafts. The artisans here remind me of the teamwork and precision of a well-oiled bike team like the "Wheel Wizards."

  • Shannon Town Centre: This is a smaller, more local shopping experience. I often stop by for coffee and end up chatting with the locals, much like the friendly competition between the "Spoke Folks" and "Chain Reaction" at cycling events.

A Month Wise Guide for Things to Do in Shannon Ireland 

Shannon, Ireland, month by month, offers a unique way to experience its dynamic landscapes and cultural events. January's frosty trails beckon the Wheel Warriors for brisk bike rides, while February’s quiet streets are perfect for the Chain Spinners who prefer a peaceful pedal. March gears up with the Pedal Pioneers, celebrating St. Patrick's Day with vibrant parades best viewed from the saddle of your bicycle.

As flowers bloom in April, the Cycle Sprinters enjoy the scenic beauty on two wheels, making it ideal for photography and leisure rides. May sees the Saddle Seekers exploring Shannon's lush greenery, just in time for the outdoor festivals that begin to pop up.

June, July, and August are the pinnacle for the Bike Nomads, with long days allowing for extended rides along the River Shannon, culminating in lively evening gatherings in local towns. Autumn arrives in September, and the Gear Shifters find the changing leaves create a picturesque backdrop for cycling.

The year wraps up with the Riders of the Realm braving the crisp air of October and November, enjoying the quiet roads and pre-winter serenity. December offers festive lights and holiday markets, a cheerful period for family outings on bikes, rounding off the year with warmth and community spirit.


January in Shannon is the perfect time for cycling enthusiasts to kick-start their year. Join the "Shannon Spokes Rally", an annual event where teams like the Pedal Pushers and Chain Chasers explore scenic routes despite the chilly weather. The sun rises in the east and sets in a blaze of colors, ideal for late afternoon rides. Gather your gear and meet at the Riverside Park for a refreshing start to the year. Enjoy hot beverages at local cafes post-ride, where cyclists and spectators mingle and share stories.


In February, Shannon, Ireland offers a range of activities suited for brisk winter days. Pedal Pushers can join local cycling clubs for scenic bike rides along the River Shannon. Gear Grinders might enjoy the challenging terrains of the Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Trails. Spectators and cycling enthusiasts should not miss the annual "Tour de Shannon" race, where teams like the Chain Gang and Wheel Wizards compete in frosty conditions. For a relaxing evening, Cyclone Seekers can visit the cozy cafes and pubs in town, enjoying warm beverages and live music.


March in Shannon, Ireland, is a prime time for cycling enthusiasts to hit the trails. The region boasts routes such as the Pedal Pushers Pathway and the Gear Grinders Route, which come alive as the spring sun begins to warm the countryside. Cyclists gather, forming teams like the Shannon Spokes and the Celtic Cyclers, to challenge these picturesque paths. It's also a great period for watching the local bike races, where teams such as the River Riders and the Bogwheelers compete, offering a thrilling spectacle for visitors and locals alike. Don't miss the chance to join in on a group ride or cheer on the racers during these lively events.


April in Shannon, Ireland, offers a range of activities well-suited for cycling enthusiasts and casual riders alike. The mild spring weather makes it ideal for joining local cycling clubs such as the "Shannon Spokes" or the "Pedal Pushers" for group rides that explore the lush countryside. Cycling tours often route through historic sites and along the scenic banks of the Shannon River, providing both exercise and sightseeing opportunities.

For competitive visitors, the "Shannon Circuit Challenge" is a must. This annual cycling race attracts riders from various regions, offering different categories to accommodate all skill levels. Spectators can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and cheer on the cyclists as they race past.

Visiting Shannon in April is incomplete without participating in or watching these cycling events. These activities not only foster community engagement but also allow you to experience the natural beauty of Ireland from a unique perspective.


May is a vibrant time to visit Shannon, Ireland. The mild weather is perfect for cycling along the River Shannon, where routes such as the "Pedal Pushers Path" and "Wheelie Wanderers Way" offer scenic views and a fresh, breezy experience. Cycling enthusiasts can join the "Shannon Spokes Fest," a weekend event featuring group rides, workshops, and local food stalls. Catch the sunset at Bunratty Castle for a memorable end to your day, or attend the traditional music sessions that fill the local pubs with lively tunes.


June is a prime time to experience Shannon, Ireland. Cyclists should not miss the Shannon Spoke Spectacular, an annual event that attracts biking enthusiasts from across the region. The race follows a scenic route along the River Shannon, offering breathtaking views and challenging turns. Participants can join competitive races or enjoy leisurely rides, making it suitable for all skill levels. Additionally, June's mild weather is perfect for outdoor dining. Visitors can unwind at the Wheel & Sprocket Café, where local dishes and lively conversations create a memorable evening. This month, Shannon combines athletic excitement with culinary delights and you can also experience Doolin folk festival.


July is the perfect time to experience Shannon, Ireland's vibrant outdoor activities. Attend the annual Shannon Pedalers Festival, where bike enthusiasts celebrate with races, workshops, and community rides. Join the Riverside Rollers for a scenic bike tour along the picturesque banks of the River Shannon. Enjoy live music and local food stalls at the Wheelie Good Food Fest, a favorite for both locals and tourists. This month promises plenty of sunshine, making it ideal for these outdoor events.


August is an ideal time to experience Shannon, Ireland. Join the "Pedal Pushers Rally," a community bike event that tours local landmarks. Cyclists gather at Shannon Town Park for a morning start, riding through scenic routes that showcase the beauty of County Clare. Post-ride, participants enjoy local food and live music at the park. Additionally, the "Shannon Spokes Fest" offers nightly bike races and workshops on bike maintenance. These events attract cycling enthusiasts and provide a fun, active way to see the area.


September in Shannon, Ireland, offers vibrant opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and cultural aficionados alike. During this month, the Shannon Pedal Power Festival takes center stage. Cycling teams from all over converge on the quaint paths and scenic routes surrounding this charming town. The festival features races, leisure rides, and workshops ideal for both amateur cyclists and seasoned pedalers.

I've personally attended this festival and can vouch for the electric atmosphere and the breathtaking beauty of the routes. The camaraderie among participants makes every race feel like a celebration of sport and spirit.

In addition to cycling events, September is perfect for visiting Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. The mild weather enhances the experience as you stroll through the medieval fortress and explore the adjacent folk park, which recreates rural Irish life centuries ago.


Visiting Shannon, Ireland, in October is particularly appealing for those who love cycling. The cool autumn weather and the vibrant foliage provide the perfect setting for biking adventures along the region’s trails and roads. Shannon boasts various cycling routes that accommodate all levels of experience, making it a great spot for both team training and leisurely rides.

Last October, I joined a group called the 'Riverside Rollers' for a scenic bike tour along the Shannon River. The sense of community and the shared laughs made the picturesque ride even more enjoyable. We ended the day with hot tea at a cozy local café, which was the perfect way to warm up.

Local bike shops offer rentals, and many cycling clubs, such as the 'Shannon Spoke Spinners', organize events and group rides during this month. This is an excellent chance to connect with other cycling enthusiasts and maybe even join a team for a day filled with fun and exploration.


November in Shannon, Ireland, offers unique activities perfect for those who appreciate brisk weather and quieter surroundings. Gear up for a cycling adventure along the Shannon Estuary – the coastal winds and panoramic views of county mayo make it an exhilarating experience. Join local cycling clubs for group rides, where the camaraderie feels just as warming as the exercise.

I remember pedaling through the misty landscapes last November, feeling the chill air against my face and head. It's a serene time to visit, with fewer tourists and more authentic local interactions.

For a more relaxed pace, visit the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. The castle is majestic in the autumn light, and the historical village is less crowded, offering a peaceful walk through Ireland's past. Enjoy traditional Irish music by the fireside in one of the local pubs to end your day. This blend of outdoor activity and cultural immersion makes November a special time to visit Shannon.


December in Shannon, Ireland, is a time for festive joy and chilly weather. Attend the Shannon Winter Pedal Parade, where locals and visitors alike cycle through the town adorned in holiday lights and decorations. It's a charming sight and perfect for families.

Visit Bunratty Castle for its annual Medieval Banquet. Dressed in period costumes, the house staff serve a feast as they would in the 15th century. The atmosphere is both unique and authentic, and the historical setting adds to the experience.

I still remember the warmth of the mead and whiskey and the rich flavors of the feast last December. Cycling back in the crisp evening air was the perfect end to a festive night.

FAQs On Best Things to do in Shannon Ireland

1. What are some popular outdoor activities in Shannon, Ireland?

Cycling along the Shannon River is a popular activity. Many visitors team up to ride through scenic routes, echoing the spirit of bike team names like "River Riders" or "Shannon Sprinters."

2. Is Shannon suitable for family vacations?

Absolutely. Shannon offers various family-friendly activities, from exploring historical sites to enjoying picnics in local parks. It’s a great route for families to bond, similar to how cycling teams unite under a common banner.

3. Are there good places to eat in Shannon?

Shannon boasts excellent eateries that cater to all tastes, much like how a bike team accommodates different rider strengths. You can enjoy everything from traditional Irish dishes to international cuisine.

4. Can I rent a bike in Shannon to explore the area?

Yes, bike rentals are available, allowing you to explore downtown Shannon at your own pace, similar to how a bike team maps out their race strategies. This side road trip is a perfect way to see the town’s hidden gems.

5. What historical sites can I visit in Shannon?

Shannon is home to several castles like Knappogue castle and several historical sites that reflect its rich history, akin to how vintage bike teams show the evolution of cycling. Notable sites include Shannon Castle and the historic Bunratty Village.

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