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Best Castles To Stay in Ireland in for Families 2024

Reema Bharti

Reema Bharti

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Exploring Ireland's castles is a magical experience for families. Each castle offers unique history, stunning scenery, and activities that engage all ages. Many provide comfortable accommodations, combining ancient charm with modern amenities. Options range from luxurious rooms to budget-friendly suites.

I visited several of these castles with my family last summer. The children loved the fairy tale settings and the medieval-themed games. We found the staff at the castle hotels each location incredibly welcoming and accommodating to our needs. It was a memorable journey through Ireland's heritage and beauty.

1. Ashford Castle


Ashford Castle is a remarkable choice for families planning a stay in Ireland. With its majestic architecture and expansive grounds, this castle offers an authentic royal experience that captivates both children and adults alike. Originally built in 1228, Ashford has been expansively renovated and transformed into a five-star luxury hotel, ensuring that each guest enjoys modern comforts amidst historic splendor.

During our family visit to Waterford Castle Hotel, the attention to detail and the sheer scale of the estate amazed us. The castle's setting on the shores of Lough Corrib is particularly enchanting, offering numerous outdoor activities like falconry, horse riding, and lake cruises that are ideal for family bonding. The staff's warm hospitality made us feel like royalty, adding to the immersive experience of living in a castle. Nestled among private gardens and ancient woodland, Ashford Castle not only preserves its historical essence but also provides all the contemporary amenities necessary for a perfect family getaway.

Exploring other castle hotels in Ireland such as Lough Eske Castle Hotel, Cabra Castle Hotel, and Ballyseede Castle Hotel can also provide unique experiences. Each offers luxury accommodation with old world charm, reminiscent of the grandeur at places like Ballynahinch Castle and Lough Rynn Castle. Whether it's the serene settings or the opulent interiors of these Irish castle hotels, including Castle Leslie, visitors are sure to find an unforgettable stay.

2. Dromoland Castle


Dromoland Castle, an Irish castle hotel, is one of the premier destinations for families visiting Ireland. Originally established in the 16th century, this castle combines historical grandeur with modern luxury, making it a magical retreat for all ages. Its sprawling estate offers numerous activities that cater to both adults and children, such as horse riding, archery, and a world-class spa.

During my last visit, I was particularly impressed by the staff's attention to detail and the family-friendly amenities available. The castle's gourmet dining with views over the lake was a highlight, ensuring memorable meals for my family. For families exploring Ireland, staying at Dromoland Castle is akin to stepping into a fairytale, where each corner holds a story and the service is impeccable.

3. Kilkea Castle


Kilkea Castle is one of the best castles to stay in Ireland for families. Built in 1180, it is one of Ireland's oldest inhabited castles, providing a unique blend of historical richness and modern luxury. The castle offers family-friendly activities such as horse riding, falconry, and golf, ensuring that every family member has an engaging experience.

The castle's accommodations are tailored to enhance the visitor experience, much like YouTube optimizes user engagement by considering which views count towards statistics. Families can enjoy spacious suites with views of the lush gardens and the castle's golf course, creating a perfect backdrop for a memorable stay. Kilkea Castle not only provides a historical escape but also ensures a comfortable and enchanting visit for families.

4. Ballyseede Castle


Ballyseede Castle is a good choice for families planning a stay in Ireland. Established in the 16th century, this majestic castle transitions from a historic stronghold to a luxurious hotel, providing an enchanting experience amidst expansive woodlands. Its accommodation offers a blend of aristocratic elegance and modern comfort, ideal for family retreats.

Every guest interaction, much like views counted by YouTube, enhances the castle's appeal through personal testimonials and shared experiences. Ballyseede Castle boasts family-friendly activities and nearby attractions, ensuring that every visit is as memorable as it is authentic. Here, the history is vivid and engaging, making it a perfect educational yet relaxing getaway for families.

5. Lough Eske Castle


Lough Eske Castle is a premier destination for families visiting Ireland. Nestled in the lush countryside of County Donegal, this historic castle offers an enchanting escape with luxurious accommodations. Its spacious rooms and family-friendly suites ensure comfort for all ages. The castle grounds are perfect for exploring, featuring well-maintained walking trails and picturesque views that appeal to those who enjoy nature and history.

During our stay, my family appreciated the castle's attentive staff who organized activities tailored for children, making it a memorable experience. The castle also hosts storytelling evenings where tales of Irish lore come to life, fascinating both young and old. Originally restored in the early 2000s, Lough Eske Castle boasts a rich history dating back to the 15th century. Whether it's the gourmet dining or the serene spa facilities, this castle provides a perfect blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

6. Cabra Castle


Cabra Castle is an ideal choice for families visiting Ireland. Perched in the verdant landscapes of County Cavan, the castle combines historical grandeur with modern comforts, making it a perfect retreat for those seeking a unique stay. Its enchanting architecture and meticulously maintained grounds provide a picturesque setting for family photos and leisurely walks.

The castle offers a variety of family-friendly amenities including spacious family rooms, a playground for children, and guided tours that delve into the castle's rich history. Guests can also enjoy traditional Irish cuisine in the castle’s award-winning restaurant. With its welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff, Cabra Castle ensures a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

7. Markree Castle


Markree Castle is also a good choice to stay in Ireland for families. Located in County Sligo, this historic castle offers a unique experience, combining luxury with a rich historical ambiance. Known for its stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings, Markree Castle is ideal for families seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation. The castle grounds are expansive, perfect for children to explore, and the family-friendly activities such as horse riding and nature trails add to the charm.

The castle has been meticulously restored to ensure guests enjoy modern comforts while experiencing the authenticity of its medieval heritage. Each room in Markree Castle is elegantly furnished, providing a regal yet cozy atmosphere. The onsite restaurant serves local cuisine, prepared with ingredients sourced from the castle’s own gardens, ensuring every meal is fresh and delicious. For families, the castle's attentive staff and safe environment make it a worry-free zone where parents can unwind and children can play freely, making it a top choice for a family getaway in 2024.

What Makes a Castle Stay Ideal for Families In Ireland?

A castle stay is ideal for families in Ireland due to its unique blend of history and luxury. Just as a video view on YouTube is more engaging when it tells a compelling story, a family vacation in a castle becomes an unforgettable narrative of its own. The ancient halls and sprawling grounds offer a grand backdrop where children can explore and adults can relax, all within the safe confines surrounded of majestic stone walls.

Immersive Historical Experience

I remember the excitement in my kids' eyes when we stayed at a castle near Cork; they were thrilled to embark on treasure hunts in the gardens and learn about knights and legends. This immersive experience is akin to revisiting a favorite video—every view, or in this case, visit, adds another layer of appreciation and enjoyment.

Family-Friendly Amenities

Castles in Ireland often come equipped with modern amenities that cater specifically to families. This includes spacious family rooms, child-safe facilities, and on-site dining that accommodates all ages, much like YouTube algorithms that optimize user experience by suggesting videos based on previous views.

Engaging Activities for All Ages

Activities tailored for children, such as archery lessons or storytelling sessions, ensure that the younger guests are just as entertained as the adults. Moreover, the serene landscapes surrounding most castles offer plenty of outdoor activities for families. My family particularly enjoyed the guided nature walks, which felt like adding a view to our personal collection of memories, each one detailed and vibrant. Thus, a stay in a castle not only provides a luxurious escape but also enriches family bonds through shared experiences steeped in culture and history.

Tips for a Castle Stay in Ireland with Family

When planning a castle stay in Ireland with your family, it's crucial to consider several factors to ensure a memorable experience. Staying in a castle offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Ireland's rich history and culture, which can be both educational and enchanting for all ages. To make the most of this experience, prioritize castles that offer family-friendly amenities and activities that cater to the interests of both children and adults. This will help to maximize engagement and enjoyment for your entire family.

Here are some key tips for your castle stay in Ireland with family:

  • Choose a castle with interactive tours or treasure hunts to keep children entertained while exploring historical spaces.

  • Look for accommodations that offer spacious family rooms or suites to ensure comfort for everyone.

  • Check for on-site dining options that cater to various dietary needs and preferences, important for younger guests.

  • Inquire about any planned events or workshops that could enrich your stay with traditional Irish music, dance, or craft-making.

  • Ensure the castle is within reasonable proximity to other family-friendly attractions in Ireland to diversify your trip without long travel times.

What to Pack for a Castle Stay with Family in Ireland?

When planning a castle stay with your family in Ireland, packing thoughtfully can enhance your experience and ensure you are well-prepared for the adventure. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to pack:


  • Layered Clothing: Ireland's weather can be unpredictable, so pack layers that you can easily add or remove.

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes: Many castles have extensive grounds to explore.

  • Rain Gear: Include a waterproof jacket and an umbrella.

  • Casual Outfits: For daily activities and excursions.

  • Dressy Attire: Some castles have formal dining options, so pack something nice.

  • Warm Sweaters: Essential for cool evenings.


  • Travel Umbrella: Compact and easy to carry.

  • Sunglasses and Hat: For sunny days.

  • Backpack or Daypack: For carrying essentials during day trips.


  • Camera: To capture the beautiful scenery and historic architecture.

  • Chargers and Adapters: Make sure you have the correct adapter for Irish outlets.

  • Portable Power Bank: For charging devices on the go.


  • Books or E-Readers: For relaxing in the evenings.

  • Games and Activities for Kids: Keep children entertained during downtime.

  • Travel Journal: To document your experiences.


  • Travel Documents: Passports, reservation confirmations, and travel insurance.

  • Snacks and Water Bottles: Especially useful for kids.

  • First Aid Kit: Include any necessary medications and basic first aid supplies.


  • Binoculars: For bird watching or viewing distant scenery.

  • Guidebooks and Maps: For planning your activities and learning about the history of the area.

FAQs On Best Castles To Stay in Ireland

1. Do children under a certain age stay for free at these castles?

Yes, children under the age of five stay for free at most of best castle hotels in these castles.

2. Are meals included in the stay or available for purchase?

Meals are not included in the basic package but can be purchased separately. Most castles offer dining facilities with children's menus available.

3. Is there a discount for booking multiple rooms for a large family?

Yes, a discount is often available when booking multiple rooms. Check with the castle hotel's booking office for specific family offers.

4. What kind of family activities are available at these castles?

These castles provide various activities suitable for families, including guided tours, nature walks, and historical reenactments.

5. Can special requests be accommodated for young children, such as cribs or high chairs?

Yes, special requests for items like cribs or high chairs are typically accommodated. It is advisable to make such requests at the time of booking.

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