Reema Bharti

Welcome to my travel diaries!

I am a globe-trotter with a passion for exploration. From the sun-kissed coasts of Portugal to the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland, my travels are as diverse as they are inspiring. My journeys through Spain, Finland, Austria, and Germany have fueled my soul and shaped my writing.

I've journeyed through the charm of Portugal, the allure of Spain, the serenity of Switzerland, the wonder of Finland, the elegance of Austria, and the strength of Germany. Each destination has left its mark, and I invite you to explore them with me.

My creativity extends beyond travel. Working in advertising, I've collaborated with industry giants like Flipkart, Amazon, and MakeMyTrip. My innovative campaigns are a reflection of my adventurous spirit, and I am eager to share that with you.

I currently live in Bangalore, a melting pot of cultures, and the starting point of all my adventures. This city is where every journey finds its reflection in my words, and I'm thrilled to have you join me in this exploration.

My travel diaries are more than just tales of places and people; they are insights into my soul as a traveler. I hope you'll embark on this exciting journey with me, discovering new landscapes, cultures, and perspectives.

Navigate through the site and become a part of my world. Experience the joy of travel, exploration, and creativity. Your adventure with me begins here.