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Here's a fantastic read our in-house writer did this week on managing time as a remote worker. I just felt it's worthwhile sharing this with the Remote Clan community. An excerpt is below.

Working remotely comes with a natural loss of oversight. In many ways, we are now in charge of our own schedule. Organisations too are no longer focused on time clocked and are more concerned with the productivity and output of employees. Having unlimited flexibility to plan our day requires us to have an added level of discipline in order to organise our work. The built-in structure of a regular workday at the office is missing. We need to find efficient time management tools to fill that void.

You can read the full article here.


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    Great article, Shehan 🙌

    "Endless flexibility is not necessarily a good thing" - This is a good point. While working remotely, it's easy to slip into a downward spiral of being unproductive. Sarah also shared a piece on being accountable while working remotely. It is very important to balance the flexibility of working remotely to remain productive.