Quora, Dropbox, Coinbase, Upwork - How are they doing 1.5 years after going remote-first? 🔍

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

What do Quora, Dropbox, Upwork, and Coinbase have in common? They all went remote-first in 2020 and haven't looked back since.

- Dropbox grew its revenue by 12% in the first quarter of 2021 to $511.6 million.

- Quora is valued at 2 billion and the company has grown to 950 employees in 2021.

- Upwork now has a market cap of 6.1 billion.

- Coinbase had the seventh-largest U.S IPO in the history of the stock market.

In this article, we take a look at the lessons that these companies have learned after being remote-first for a year and a half. We also analyze what these shifts mean for the future of work.

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Here's what our users had to say:

  • Lucas Wagner said "I enjoyed reading this article!Not only have the companies survived the uncertainties of the pandemic, but they have also been able to grow at a tremendous scale. It's all thanks to remote work and the massive shift to a digital-first world."

  • Mark Gregory said "Thanks lucas! I am really glad that you enjoyed the article!"

  • Hrishikesh Pardeshi said "Great post Mark! It's refreshing to see how each of these companies tweaked remote working to what suits best for them and didn't shy from experimenting at all. It will be interesting to see how the larger companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. fare in the coming months/years."

  • Mark Gregory said "I really appreciate the feedback Hrishikesh!! Remote work requires constant iterations to get right for many organizations and I think the ones with the most flexible policies will be the ones who stand to benefit the most. Facebook and Microsoft should be fine, by Google and Apple might lose some talent in the process."