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2021 State of Perks For Remote Workers

We tallied the benefits of companies that grew over 2x while working remotely during 2020. With this we made some distinct conclusions about what the norms are in the market, developing trends, and what to expect in the future.

With remote work becoming the standard form of employment for many companies around the world, there should also be a standard for the benefits/perks that remote employees receive. If there isn't, there could be a significant gap between what in-office employees receive and how remote work will be treated on a contract-by-contract basis. 

The study of 100 Remote Companies found that:

-62% of remote companies provide some form of healthcare

-38% of remote companies compensated for some level of home office expenses

-72% of remote companies offered paid time off


Which of these benefits would you prefer to become standards for remote employment? What other perks should remote companies consider to attract top talent and retain their current remote workers?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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    Tough question - of founder friends who run remote companies, the most common response i've received to this is: 1. they hire people as contractors instead of employers; and 2. they attempt to avoid these issues simply by paying their colleagues more.

    So, for example, instead of offering a company healthcare plan or taking care of home office expenses, they offer more pay so that the people can take care of what they need (insurance, equipment, etc.) by themselves.

    Not sure if that fully addresses the question being posed. But at least among people I know, this is preferred way to deal with such issues. 🤷‍♂️

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      Thank you Justin I appreciate your response. 

      But do you think this is sustainable and an option for most remote companies? "Lets just pay our remote workers as contractors and more money to account for increased expenses." 

      As remote work becomes more prevalent I think there will be plenty of companies who say "Lets set a standard for how much we pay remote employees" But of course the cost of living will continue to increase so they will also be forced to continue to raise the wages they pay every year or so which isn't as sustainable as solidifying a specific benefit. 


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      Hey Mark, Thanks for sharing this report. Just downloaded and will read it in a while :)

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        Thank you Sarah! I hope you find it useful!