Quidli - Reward Employees with Crypto

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Justin and I got to talking about the product they’re working on, Quidli, and I found it to be really cool. It helps you rewards employees with Crypto - super easy to setup/ use and very low transaction fees.

I thought it would be great to share my thoughts on the product & website over a quick video. I am hoping Justin & team would find some of them helpful :-)


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  • Hrishikesh Pardeshi said "@justin-465: Love what you’re doing at Quidli. Congrats on a great product :-)"

  • Justin said "Imagine my surprise upon seeing this post - really appreciate the thoughts, inputs and ultimately time you spend on giving feedback to our landing page, Hrishikesh! 🙏 Working on some of the points you mention as I type this reply actually! Hope to see another video of your experience on the app itself 🤞 PS FYI for others, if you’re not already using it, Loom is another great remote work tool. We’re big users ourselves!"

  • Hrishikesh Pardeshi said "Glad you liked the video - Cheers Justin 😃"

  • Mark Walter said "Very interesting product, Justin. Just curious to know what are the markets that you are currently serving"

  • Justin said "Glad to see your interest, Mark! We aim to serve all markets actually (remote first 😃). If you already own crypto then you can transfer any amount and manage from our interface designed for teams from anywhere. However, if you need to purchase from us, there are some KYC requirements demanded by our payment gateway partner. Debit/bank and or credit cards from most countries are accepted with exceptions listed here. If you’re interested or need support for onboarding, do let me know how I can be of further help. Otherwise, you can also email me directly at justin@quid.li!"

  • Mark Walter said "Thanks, Justin. Will let you know if I need more details"

  • Justin said "Gonna use this page to shill our latest update (which you actually mentioned in your review, @Hrishikesh 😂) TL/DR: Quidli enables users to manage and share cryptocurrencies as employee perks. Why? Because while crypto is admittedly speculative, it’s still valuable, flexible, and more usable than for example virtual points with limited redemption options. And as perks/incentives, crypto is ideal for sharing with globally remote teams as you don’t have to localize anything. So for users receiving & holding the more stable Dai cryptocurrency, you now automatically earn interest (paid out in more Dai) directly to your accounts, like with a savings account but with better rates (>3% as of this post) and less fees! 💸 Basically, Dai is designed for its value to be closely pegged to the US Dollar so 1 DAI = ~1 USD so you don’t have to worry about value fluctuation. Of course, you’re also free to withdraw and use your crypto any way you want as well 😎 For more details, check out: https://medium.com/quidli/holding-dai-on-quidli-youre-now-automatically-earning-interest-ef872191d302"

  • Hrishikesh Pardeshi said "Wow, this is amazing Justin! Congrats on the integration with Compound :-)"

  • Karthik Sridharan said "This is quite smart. I initially was asking myself whether this was just banking on the hype around crypto, as that wouldn’t matter to businesses. Then realised that crypto beats the trouble around currencies. I would really love to know your experience talking to customers, how you approached them and what were their key concerns, if you don’t mind sharing :)"

  • Justin said "To be frank, when we started we were also banking on the hype around crypto 😅 We initially reached out to very general targets (non-crypto startups, SMEs) with the message “crypto is cool, it can potentially grow huge in value.” We managed to onboard a few users, companies, but it wasn’t as strongly validated as we wanted. Of users, there are a few LatAm startups that responded well to the cross-border point (plus many countries there have unstable currencies). So we guessed this may be similar for remote teams. While we still need more validation, we find we’re better understood by those who deal with managing international payrolls, benefits. So today we use and or combine these two different messages: 1. Share bitcoin, a perk that’s inexpensive, increasingly valuable (albeit highly volatile) and immediately liquid, unlike ex. employee equity; and 2. use crypto rails to make faster, cheaper international payments starting with perks for distributed teams. We’re still sharpening the value proposition as we onboard more users (still early stage, after all 😂). But ultimately, I see ourselves as enabling more companies and people to become their own banks. Of course, there’s still people who take the time to respond that “crypto is a scam” or “it’s only used for illegal activities.” But we just onboarded our first company with >50 employees so we feel we’re moving in the right direction!"

  • Karthik Sridharan said "Brilliant Justin - thanks for the candour and also the details :) I somehow feel this can become a really exciting game internally too for teams. Do you also think that this could work for smaller transactions? In which case the use case of https://bonus.ly/ can probably be looked into by Quidli. So not only do employers give bonuses but employees give one another small gifts in crypto to recognise some quality work. Just feel that if the hype around crypto can be combined with the utility of it to make a functional yet enjoyable game for all. P.S. Big congrats on landing a 50+ employee company! Just the start of super successful long journey :)"

  • Justin said "We’re definitely seeking to do collaborations with tools that already do “static” points/kudos/gold stars. We see it as a natural fit for those that want to expand the scope of such points a little bit more. If you have any intros 😉 Actually, this is also why I love your leaderboard concept in the way that you offer real value in exchange for participation! I’m a huge fan of gamification tactics but am often left disappointed when the payoffs are virtually useless (cough Trip Advisor)"

  • Karthik Sridharan said "haha, great you like our leaderboard idea (topping by a considerable margin now :P). Also, I was actually thinking of Quidli building that feature internally in its product itself. @alexandra_yeo is actually building a great product, Teamo, for increasing engagement between employees. Maybe you two could have a chat, if it works out for both. What do you think Alexandra? :)"

  • Justin said "Not sure how the forum bumps older posts, but will use this space to shill our latest update 📣 So without a doubt, the #1 question we get from users, prospective users (typically first-time crypto owners) is "How can I use my crypto?" And certainly not everyone wants to HODL (save their bitcoin in hopes of more huge jumps in value). So we're now offering users the option to use crypto to pay for gift cards, credit & mobile top ups from brands, vendors and services in 100+ countries all directly from Quidli, no localization required 💸 You can refer to our new Medium post for more details on spending crypto powered by our latest integration with crypto e-commerce application Bidali."

  • Karthik Sridharan said "Hey Justin, basically there is a decaying logic on posts. This comment will bump the post up but not enough to get it to the top. This is an interesting update, why don't you share it as a new post?"

  • Justin said "Sure, I can post! Just don't want to spam the boards w/ Quidli shilling is all 🥓"

  • Karthik Sridharan said "That's not a probem :). I think all of us are interested in learning more about Crypto and its applications in our remote-work lives."

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