Hawaii is offering free round trips for remote workers 🚀Have you been there before?

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Just read this article that Hawaii already offered free tickets to 50 remote workers this Sunday to come to Hawaii & setup an office with a view!

Here's the full article: Hawaii beckons 'Movers & Shakas'

The article also talks about 2 specific instances where one person loves working from Hawaii (and the residents also love to have him) while another person contradicts saying a place for vacation couldn't serve as a place for long-term work.

Have you been to Hawaii before or heard about it from others? How was the experience?

Here's what our users had to say:

  • Ashley Thomas said "@aldalima @shannonodonnell-530 @dinoscool3 @taige-19 Would love to hear your experiences & thoughts around this!"

  • Shannon O'Donnell said "Interesting approach on Hawaii's part. I imagine it will work too, it has the same appeal and is facing the same issues of all the popular remote work destinations: great setting and lower cost of living. Pitfalls for locals is that it drives up housing costs, but then it also adds longer-term value with money infused in the economy and less friction with neighbors since tourists are replaced with mostly more respectful people. I dig the idea and hope it's a success. The government seems aware of the downsides and conscious remote workers could help mitigate issues by coming with respectful attitudes. I look forward to hearing how it goes in the coming months/years for those making the leap!"

  • Frederick said "Haven't been to Hawaii in years, but I've heard it can be expensive cost of living wise. I do know those who work there and enjoy it, but it wouldn't be my choice. Beaches are not my thing, and I like low cost of living.  I think countries in Eastern Europe especially could capitalize on ideas like this though. Offer a visa, and an airplane ticket and I'm sure many would jump on it, I know I would if the details lined up. I believe some have offered similar offers in the past."

  • Alda Lima said "That's very interesting! I've never been to Hawaii but it is definitely one of the top places in my bucket list! I am going to take a closer look at the official Movers and Shakas website, but yes, the cost of living would be an issue right now. Like you just said though, this might make other places with a lower cost of living do the same, so that's great news."

  • Ashley Thomas said "Great points Shannon. I think there's way more upside to such programs than the downsides. So I am also very bullish on such programs - let's see how things pan out! Are you currently travelling already or have plans in the coming months? And do the new visa programs seem lucrative to you?"

  • Shannon O'Donnell said "No traveling with the pandemic and such, but since 2018 I have been living in Spain, partly because of the low cost of living here and the flexible visa. You need 26,500 euros a year from non-European sources to obtain a non-lucrative visa. To me that was a pretty attractive offer and it has worked out well—for me and for my host country. I have to have private insurance and cannot work here, so I just spend money at local businesses. I think when these are done well, and ensuring that there are some thresholds in place to prevent foreigners from becoming a drain on local economies, that it can be a powerful way to drive in $ but without some of the same pitfalls of rampant overtourism."

  • Ashley Thomas said "Interesting point. I did a quick Google search just now & read that you need $122,000/yr in salary to live there comfortably! That's very expensive. But yes, the concept in itself is great. So if places with lower cost of living adopt such an approach, I can clearly see an influx of people happening there."

  • Shannon O'Donnell said "I think for Hawaii, who they’re attracting is what makes it more “affordable”. They aren’t seeking digital nomads, but rather those living in Silicon Valley who make a good salary that goes a hell of a lot further outside of California."

  • Ashley Thomas said "Absolutely! Let's hope others follow suit soon 😎"