Austin & Miami are becoming magnets for remote workers & new jobs

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

The pandemic accelerated the shift out of large, crowded cities like San Francisco & New York. As a result, cities like Miami & Austin seem to have benefited a lot.

The migration away from large cities is real and it's a massive shift. I also noticed a couple of Twitter thread educating people about how it's like to work from & live in cities like Miami & Austin. If you are looking to apply for remote jobs, you can check out our list of remote social media jobs, remote startup jobs, remote graphic design jobs and remote project management jobs.

Also read this article from WSJ which talks about Austin gaining popularity in recent months. Some interesting stats from the article:

- Austin is expected to create ~10,000 jobs - highest figure for a single year ever

- For every person who moved to the Bay Area from Austin between April and October, 2.9 people moved in the other direction (39% increase from 2019)

- For New York, the same ratio was 2.2 (45% increase from 2019)

- # of 28-day-plus Airbnb reservations for entire homes in Austin increased 57% in the 3rd quarter compared to 2019

What's making places like Austin attractive?

- Lower tax (no state income tax)

- Good weather (winters are short & mild)

- Homes are roomy and many have backyards

Here's what our users had to say:

  • Cathy T said "Great share John. We've all seen this coming for 1-2 months now and there's more of migration to happen next year. I am more keen to see what policies local & state governments come up with to manage & attract inflow. The WSJ article also states that public transit & infrastructure isn't the best in Austin. So is the case elsehwere where the inflow is happening. Something local bodies must act upon right away."

  • Bashar Abdullah said "That's really great not just for the cities attracting talents, but for the crazy rent in condensed cities so people can finally afford more normal living costs."