7 tips for creating time for rest as a remote worker

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

I’ve seen so many discussions about how hard it is to carve out time for rest as a remote worker. It can be more difficult to allow yourself to take a work break since work is always there, in your face. I literally have to store my laptop on a shelf in my closet when I’m not working!

I published an article with some tips for established restful practices and boundaries between work and everything else. Here’s the link: https://www.doublefourteen.com/post/7-ways-to-rest-for-remote-workers.

Curious to know what you guys think and to get more tips!

Here's what our users had to say:

  • Hrishikesh Pardeshi said "Amazing set of points Lindsay! The best thing is that these are so simple and practical to implement and yet so effective. Adding in a few more that both @karthik and I were discussing just a few days for ourselves. A strict no Slack, no Laptop policy on Sundays. As founders, we tend to chat about new initiatives, plan for the week, that one new hire or a promising client. While we give ourselves the freedom to do this on a Saturday, Sunday is out of question. We tend to continue in the same frame of mind even after the day is done. And often, I have found myself losing sleep over it as well :( So I try to get a quick shower after the day’s work or at least before going to sleep. This actually aligns with your point on ‘wind-down rituals’. Blocking time in my calendar for lunch. Gives me that mid-day break and also helps have meals on time :) (Honest confession - I haven’t been able to do this religiously.)"

  • Lindsay King said "These are all great points, and I really appreciate your honesty too. It occurs to me that another thing I do is try to have actively planned off time. Instead of planning to just “not work,” I try to have activities to do that make me feel good, like going for a hike, baking, and doing things like going to museums or to see things in my city (pre-Covid…)."

  • Hrishikesh Pardeshi said "Oh yes. That’s something I try to do myself. In the current situation, I try to take time out to do a Calligraphy sheet or have a long music (listening) session on my headphones :-)"

  • Ashley Thomas said "Hey Lindsay Found it quite amusing to see the picture of your laptop tucked away in the closet! But, that’s a smart technique to switch off after work (I should try it as well :P). Also, thoroughly enjoyed reading your honest tips."

  • Lindsay King said "I want to hear how it works for you if you try that trick!!"

  • Scott Dawson said "I love what you wrote about putting your hardware away when you’re done with it. Out of sight, out of mind. I read recently about having a “work basket” where your notebooks, work phone, laptop … it all goes there. Brilliant. Not everyone has a space you can enter and leave, so this advice is particularly important. Rituals are also important to create boundaries. For example, I have taken to starting every work week with a walk. I also end each work week with a walk. It’s a nice, solid reminder that reminds me there’s a rhythm to the work week."

  • Lindsay King said "Love the idea of a work basket, especially for the reason you mention - not everyone has a dedicated workspace. I also used to start each workday with a walk! You’ve inspired me to try to restart that tradition. Movement is so important if most of your work happens at a desk."

  • Alda Lima said "The “work basket” is a great idea! Might try that one :)"

  • Kirsten Boic said "This is a wonderful article thank you for sharing. One thing I can say after having done this for almost 7 years, it get’s addictive. You become so comfortable in your 4 walls that you sometimes realise its been 3 days since you have seen the outdoors. It can be unhealthy if you are not aware of the time spent inside. My few cents worth lol"

  • Lindsay King said "So true!!"