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According to CNBC just in April this year, 4 million people quit their jobs. Companies are struggling to fill highly skilled positions with some delays up to six months. The answer some companies have found? Offering flexible work arrangements.

These include a flexible work schedule to only requiring 4 days of work. Remote work falls under this umbrella as well as Paid time off, extended leave, and no dress code. 

Companies that offer flexible work arrangements benefit from 3 things that are key to innovation:
-A gender and culturally diverse workforce
-A young talent pipeline with in-house training and advancement
-Highly motivated and engaged employees

If you want to continue to succeed well into 2021 it is recommended that you offer a flexible work policy. Check out our article on how to design one and the evidence of why it will be a bargaining chip for attracting top talent. 


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    If companies want to stay competitive, they must offer flexible work options. Similarly, I came across a report which said nearly 40% of workers would leave their company if not given the option of working remotely. Essentially, remote working is not seen as a perk anymore, but rather as the preferred method of working. 

    On a side note, it looks like you forgot to include the link to your article. Would be great if you can share the link :)

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      Thank you so much for your comment and yes it seems the link wasn't included

      You can check it out here: Why More Companies Are Moving to Flexible Working Arrangements