Google approves 85% of 10,000 employee requests to work remotely! 💯

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Google has approved 85% of the relocation and remote work requests in the first round of reviews, on Tuesday.

Reportedly 10,000 employees have applied to transfer to a new location or work from home after the company finally decided to embrace remote work for its employees.


Although Google gave a green light to a massive number of applications, the company is still in process of finalizing the requests and analyzing the legal and administrative ramifications. 

The company commented on this saying, 

“ For some of these (requests),  we need more information to make sure we can legally and administratively support each role in the preferred location. It's possible that some may be declined if we're unable to do so."

Among the first round of requests submitted, 55% applied to transfer office locations whereas the other 45% were for fully remote work. Read more about it, in this blog.

It’s clear that Google is embracing remote work and trying to adopt a hybrid model that works best for both the company and the employees. Addressing the declined requests, the company further said, 

"Employees can continue exploring their work flexibility options with their managers and submit a new request for fully remote work or office transfer at any time as their needs and teams' work requirements evolve," 

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  • Sarah Smith said "Thank you for sharing this news! Apple seems to be far behind Google when it comes to listening to employee requests. Apple must up its game if it wants to retain talent or else it will risk lose them to other tech companies."