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‘Hybrid’ is the word of the moment for office work but the hybrid work model as it's currently envisaged just isn't going to work.

Most companies’ remote working policies consist of allowing employees more flexibility about where they work and looking to close one third to one half of their office space.  On the other side of the table employees are saying they love losing the commute and gaining more flexibility but miss social interaction with their colleagues.  The conclusion that most of the world seems to be jumping to is to have fewer offices and for staff come in one or two days per week.

This version of hybrid smacks too much of trying to return to the old office-centric culture with a bit of remote working bolted on.  My feeling is that it will achieve the worst of all words.

There's a better way of doing it.  Companies I work with are already doing it...and it works!  

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    Thank you for sharing this article Gren. I definitely agree with your point that hybrid work could do best when employees work remotely by default and then reserve time and spaces when in-person collaboration stands the most to benefit them. 

    We recently wrote about hybrid models and assessments to find which arrangement works best for your team in our new article "Remote First Vs. Remote Friendly: A Pivotal Battle In Hybrid Work Models" 

    Let me know what you think!