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Hey all, the GroWrk team put together this list to celebrate now being able to deliver equipment and devices to 150+ countries.

In this ultimate remote work visa country guide, you will find the visa requirements, income needed, cost of living, and the average rent for over 11 countries and states.

Once you are vaccinated, if you or your remote staff are tempted to hop on a plane and set up a home office in the sand this guide will give you all the information you need to know. It even includes the average price of laptops!

Personally, I would choose Tbilisi, Georgia for its history, cheap cost of living, and amazing wine.

Where would you choose to go?

Link to the article: https://resources.growrk.com/guides/remote-resources/remote-work-visa-country-guide



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    Thanks for posting Mark!

    Any of these would be fabulous (dying to travel again), but Croatia looks especially appealing right now!

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      Thank you for the comment Aldalima! Yes, it does! I was there in 2019 and it is an absolutely beautiful country. 

      There are tons of little beach towns along the coast that would be a perfect place to work from. 

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      Thanks for sharing this helpful resource :)

      It had all the travel and visa information that I was looking for. I would love to work from one of the Caribbean islands, if I had to choose. 

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        I am glad that you found it useful stellarusso! The Caribbean islands seem like the perfect place to work for a year. 

        The best option it seems would be Anguilla.