UK Bank moves to 4 day work-week without cutting pay 💯

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

- UK-based Atom Bank on Tuesday announced that they have adopted a four-day workweek for all their employees without cutting pay. 

-  The policy was implemented on November 1st that will see employees working slightly longer days as their total weekly hours of work is reduced from 37.5 to 34. 

- The move is completely voluntary, so the company expects employees to take leave on either Monday or Friday. 

- Talking about what motivated this change, Atom CEO Mark Mullen points to his experience during the pandemic and how it exploded many of the myths of the modern workplace. 

- Through this move, the company hopes to support its employees' mental health and well-being. 

- Atom is now the largest company to adopt the model pushing for better work-life balance for their workers. 

- The article also reports that 2 studies from Iceland trailing the 4-day workweek model with no pay cut shows that the model has no effect on worker productivity but it ends up drastically improving workers' well-being.

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