Reddit goes remote - Same pay for all, no matter where you live 🚀‍

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Reddit just announced its plan to go remote. Most interestingly, Reddit will have same pay for everyone no matter where they live.

What Remote means for Reddit

  • Each employee will have a choice to work from anywhere - it could mean remote, office or both.
  • Consequently, Reddit will still operate all of its offices but reimagine them for occasional team collaboration.
  • There won't be any pay cut for employees who choose to work remotely.

Work from anywhere

We've been talking about this for quite a while. Remote work doesn't just mean you work from home. Instead, you offer employees the flexibility to choose their preferred location.

Some may prefer to travel & work while others may want to stay close to their loved ones in their hometown. The future of work isn't just work from home, it is work from anywhere. Reddit has cracked this. Microsoft also got it right when framing its new remote work policy.

Remote work = same pay

Just last week, we discussed how cutting pay for remote employees puts you at a disadvantage. It will be tough to retain talent if you cut salary because someone works remotely.

Reddit always had one pay for one country. It will stay true to it even after going remote. All US employees will be paid basis SF/NY standards.

Not just same pay but employers should compensate remote employees more for the increased expenses (home office, additional bills etc.) they have to bear. Most companies are already offering additional compensation for this - if your company doesn't do it, it will lose out in the long term.

Office spaces reimagined

Think: casual coffee-shop style seating, large collaboration spaces for teams & private areas for heads-down focussing. This isn't just the future of Reddit's offices, but all offices, if they exist at all.

Gone are the days where you thought office is where work happens. Work happens anywhere. Offices will just be spaces for collaboration.

Here's what our users had to say:

  • Samuel Karim Hernandez Cardona said "The most amazing thing, in my opinion, is "Remote work = same pay", of course, it's a great declaration. It would be awesome to see their next steps"

  • Karthik Sridharan said "Totally, this is really heating up now. I have a feeling this will pressurise some of the other tech companies in this space too."

  • WolverineOfLove said "This sounds great when "same pay" means NYC + SF But really it'll become some mean/median value somewhere, to "maximize the labor market" that means you'll only be able to work remotely in the lower 50% of markets :("

  • Karthik Sridharan said "I hope that doesn't happen at least not in the big tech companies. Probably not going to happen immediately also though. Over time the labour market forces might work in the way you are suggesting. Companies that offer equal pay irrespective of location might become more sought after then. Exciting times"