3-month free access on Cadence (Progress tracking) + Free beta on Woven (All in one calendar)

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Tomo is a daily planner and task manager for professionals.

Maker - @nicofromtomo

Tomo makes it easy to collaborate on tasks, documents, and events with your team without having to use separate logins on different websites. Tomo automatically syncs your tasks and projects from Trello, Asana, and other tools.

Free trial is available. Request for Beta Access.


Cadence is a Slack app to share progress updates and celebrate milestones

Maker - @coffeestacker

Cadence is for teams who want a better way to stay up-to-date without adding boring status meetings to their calendars. Cadence integrates with services like Github, Trello, and Jira to provide daily and weekly summaries of team activity, and more.

Free for 5 users. Then, pricing starts at $5 for each additional user.

As a member of the Remote Tools community, you are eligible for 3 months of free access. Just drop a line at hi@cadencework.com to get your discount.


Woven brings powerful scheduling tools to your calendar

Maker - @joelrunyon-389

Woven lets you easily schedule events, send a one-off scheduling link, organize a group poll, or publish your availability without leaving your calendar. Woven also has multiple time zone integrations, making it ideal for remote work.

Free while in beta.


Ring4 Meeting is a simple video conferencing service

Maker - @alex_botteri

Ring4 Meeting supports voice + video + screen sharing and an anonymous mode. It doesn’t require any sign ups or software installs and also works on a browser with a simple click. Ring4 Meeting is a free alternative to Zoom.

Free version available for upto 5 participants. Plans start at $9.99/ month for advanced features.


Teleport Meeting Space lets you use curated background wallpapers on Zoom

Use 1000’s of curated background wallpapers for your Zoom meetings to teleport to a new location. The wallpapers are categorized based on their themes making it easier to choose.

Teleport Meeting Space is free to use.

Teleport Meeting Space

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