What were your greatest remote work lessons in 2021? Check out these 16 from remote work experts

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

If 2020 felt like remote work 101 for many companies, 2021 was the university lecture where people either passed, failed, or dropped out.

Companies were put to the test of postponing office re-openings, experimenting with hybrid work, or switching to remote-first. 

If we were to rank the companies for sheer revenue growth this year, it probably wouldn't be the ones with a return to office mandate. 

The course is challenging, though.

Although I am part of a fully distributed company, I still struggled this year to avoid burnout and meet deadlines while working asynchronously.

That is why in our newsletter, The Remote Times, I interview remote work experts to find out how to address these issues and get to the next level of distributed work.

I have compiled some of the greatest lessons of 2021 from Jordan Carroll, Ali Pruitt, Maaria Tiensivu (she/her), Tyler Sellhorn, John Lee, Sarah Hawley, Gary Walker, Rowena Hennigan, Katie Scheuer, Liam McIvor Martin, Nadia Harris, Paul McKinlay, Lisette Sutherland, Molood Ceccarelli, Rhys Black, Chase Warrington, and Maya Middlemiss in one article to help others succeed at remote work in 2022.

What were your biggest remote work lessons or realizations for 2021?

Post them in the comments!