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I have been reading about Digital Nomads 👩‍💻 for quite sometime and think it's an absolutely fantastic idea as the world moves toward remote work culture (intentional and not forced!).

However, with such binding work culture in India or the US, does anyone see the possibility of digital nomad being adopted by companies?

PS: I am quite a newbie worker, and have experience of working only in the US and India, for companies with traditional in office work culture!


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    Hey Prerak,

    True, the ability to travel the world while you work is almost like a superpower.

    We actually have travel buffs & nomads in the community who are part of an established company:

    - Steph (@stephsmith-11) worked for Toptal & is currently part of Hustle.

    - Frederick (@dinoscool3) works at Blockonomics.

    - Thomas (@thomcarter-983) works at ProcessStreet.

    - Ben (@Ben) works at Doist.

    It would be great to hear their thoughts on this - how easy or tough it is to be part of a company and travel frequently (vs. of course freelancing that is most times considered as the natural choice for digital nomads).