Travel Trends for 2021

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Last year, the travel and hospitality industry was hit hard. Everyone was forced to stay inside their homes, putting an end to all those travel plans on their to-do lists. With the hope of a vaccine in 2021, travelers are bound to rejoice as travel finally becomes possible. However, it will not be the same as it was pre-pandemic.

Here are some trends that are expected to emerge in 2021:

1. Leisure travel will outpace business travel

As a whole, the travel industry is shifting to focus on holidays and leisure travel rather than business trips. Business routes such as New York to London will be reduced, while frequencies to tourist destinations will increase. 

2. Domestic travel is set to boom

Due to travel restrictions, travel to other countries has dropped significantly. So instead, travelers are choosing to explore their own country more. Airbnb posted a strong revival of its domestic listings in the US as people are looking to escape their homes in search of remote locations.

3. Importance to safety and hygiene

Health and safety will remain a top priority. In the wake of the pandemic, tourists have become more cautious about hygiene and safety standards. Booking platforms will continue to display the safety protocols followed by airlines and hotels.

4. Workations will become more popular

More than 8 months into the pandemic, it is becoming clear that all it takes to work from anywhere is electricity and a good internet connection. Marriot offers day passes and exclusive workation deals to remote workers, and other hotel chains might follow suit in the near future.

Here's what our users had to say:

  • Alda Lima said "Great post, Ashley! Accor has also been offering options to work from their hotels. They released an interesting report on the future of travel as well. I've been noticing an increase in car rentals too. A lot of people who live in big cities didn't cars anymore and trusted public transportation/uber to move around, but with more domestic travel, I don't think everyone will buy cars to do that, so we might see an increase on that as well. I'm pretty much stuck because I don't drive... hate being such a city girl right now 😫😅"

  • John Wade said "That's right, Alda. Road trips, in general, have gained traction recently as they are socially distant by design and a safer option when compared to public transit."