Amazon takes a U-turn, embraces permanent remote working 2 days/week! 💻

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Hrishikesh Pardeshi

In a recent blog post, Amazon announced that their corporate and tech employees can work remotely for two days a week. The specific days would be determined by the employee's leadership team.

Moreover, its corporate employees can work remotely from a domestic location for four weeks each year.

Besides that, those who would like to work less than three days a week at the office can apply for an exception. Once approved, the employee would become a remote worker and would have a non-dedicated workspace.

In addition, employees who would like to work in the office for more than three days per week are also allowed to do so.

The company memo says that:

“Our thinking is predicated on what we believe will be most beneficial for customers, while also trying to give employees more flexibility in their work environment and lives,”

What is your take on Amazon's hybrid model? 

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