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Latest GitHub survey finds developers like automation, reusing code and remote work

An analysis of 4 million code repositories reveals the building blocks for a good culture and high productivity.

GitHub's 2021 State of the Octoverse report combined data from over four million repositories with direct survey from over 12,000 developers to identify current trends among software development companies and open-source projects.

The research shows the software development community is coming back to pre-pandemics levels of productivity, but with a major turn in workplace organization towards remote collaboration.

According to the survey, just 11% of the 12,000 respondents expect to go back to the office after the pandemic ends.ย 

Microsoft is touting hybrid as the way many people will work for the foreseeable future and that was borne out by the survey. And almost 50% said they were expecting to work in hybrid teams

Read more about GitHubโ€™s findings and insights here.

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