10 Best Remote Data Analyst Jobs (Hiring Now)

For tech companies today, data analysis is a fundamental component of making data-driven decisions. Learn more about what data analysts do and how to apply for remote data analyst jobs.

Businesses are looking for professionals who can interpret complex data to make strategic decisions. Since many companies are embracing and adopting the use of data in a digital-first world, the demand for data analysts has skyrocketed. 

Data analyst is a career option for people who love numbers. People who have a flair for numbers and calculations and have a good understanding of databases and spreadsheet applications can be well suited for this profession. Remote data analysts should also possess a wide range of analytical skills.

Some of the tasks that a remote data analyst may perform include designing and building applications, collecting and validating data, running reports, performing data entry and maintenance activities, preparing statistical analysis and preparing business documents. 

In short, remote data analysts write reports and presentations based on data analysis to help companies make better business decisions. They look at a lot of raw data and identify trends and patterns. Then they summarize the information and present it in a way that's easy to understand. 

As long as remote data analysts have access to the internet and a computer, they can work from anywhere. So, here is a list of remote data analyst jobs that you can apply for. 


Remote Data Scientist


Finally… The Kind Of Data Science Job You've Always Wanted


Everyone seems to want a data scientist on their team.


But a lot of the data science jobs out there are not as sweet as they first appear. They usually fall into one of three categories.


First, there are the companies who want a data scientist on their team because “data science is very hot right now”.


But no one in the company seems to care that there isn't an actual business problem to be solved by data science.


Everyone's fine with it as long as a few simple-minded investors are happy… Or a particular kind of executive has their ego stroked.


In reality, the “data scientist” ends up working on tasks that connect to data science loosely at best. Of course, that's not the kind of job you want.


The jobs in the second group are much more appealing at first glance.


They're usually in well-established companies that know what they're doing. And data science is actually a meaningful tool for solving their business problems.


The issue is that these jobs are often not very fun.


The teams are quite large so you feel like just another cog in the machine. Would anyone even notice if you stopped contributing?


And all the meaningful breakthroughs seem to have been achieved before you joined. So you end up working on minute details in their models.


It might be a good fit for the right kind of data scientist, but is that you?


Luckily, there's a third kind of data science job. It's one that most resembles the projects that got you excited about data science in the first place.


The problems you're working on are still critical to the success of the business - even more so than in other companies.


But since the data science team is small, your contributions are very meaningful. And not everything's been figured out already, which makes the job fun and challenging.


This is the kind of job we offer.


If that's what you've been looking for, this page could literally change the course of your career. But only if you keep reading.

Who Are We And Why We Exist

There are more than a billion people in Asia that do not have access to mainstream financial services.

At the same time, most of them have an incredibly valuable digital footprint in their mobile devices, online presence, social media, everyday apps, and many other sources.

Enter Jeff, loan broker for the unbanked. We are on the way to building a new-generation Credit Score, based on alternative data. We want to become the Credit Karma of South-East Asia's emerging economies.

Jeff's journey started in the beginning of 2020. Since then, over 700,000 people have compared close to 6 Million products in Vietnam via Jeff.

We use data science for determining the credit and conversion scores of our users. Although we have working models for both right now, they need version 2.

Your job as our data scientist will be to build and continuously improve these models. You'll also participate in Jeff's Lender API development and new data type and variable implementation.

We hope that you're excited about what this position has to offer. But that's not all.

5 More Reasons To Join Jeff As A Data Scientist

1. Focus On Data Science

One of the most annoying things about being a data scientist is that other people in the company don't understand your role.

They expect you to perform tasks that have little to do with data science (e.g. create ad-hoc reports).

This won't be the case at Jeff. You'll have enough to do figuring out and improving your models, and your teammates will know that.


2. Data-Articulate Team

Your closest partners on our data team are not data scientists. But they understand data science well enough to be helpful to you, instead of holding you back.

Similarly, everyone in the company is data-literate.

So although you will be our number one expert on data science, you won't feel like you're speaking an entirely different language than everyone else. 


3. High Degree Of Freedom

You'll have more freedom at Jeff than almost any other data science job:
You'll create the new models from scratch. You won't have to untangle anyone else's idea of what the models should look like.
We'll trust you to do things your way if you can convince our small data team that your approach is the most reasonable.
If you ever need more resources for carrying out your job, we won't be stingy about providing them.


4. Worthwhile Mission

Access to financial services is taken for granted in the Western world. But it's kind of insane how many people in Asia don't have access to them.

Our work grants that access to people in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and beyond. We also let people compare and choose the best product for them.

It would be a pretty cool thing to build for any number of people. But building it for over a billion people really excites us.

If you're excited by our mission too, your work here will feel that much more meaningful.


5. Company Values You Can Stand Behind

Our people are:
🔀 Versatile
🙋 Proactive
💡 Business-savvy
📢 Open to communication
🏁 Always going the extra mile
🌱 Personal growth-oriented
🤘 Ready to Rock'n'Roll

If you are too, we want you on our team!

Here's What We Expect From You

You have at least 2 years of experience in a data science role
You have successfully built intricate prediction and/or scoring models
You use python
Ideally, you have experience with new data types and variable development for APIs
You're based in a European or Asian timezone

The salary we've budgeted for this role is 70-105 kUSD annually (before tax). If you're interested in equity, after your 3-month probation period we can restructure your compensation package to include it.

This is a full-time position and is fully remote.


Anywhere in the World


Data Scientist


At IRI, we deliver growth to clients based on big data—our predictive analytics and forward-thinking insights help CPG, OTC, health care, retailers, and media companies remain relentlessly relevant, capture marketing share, connect with consumers, and deliver market-leading growth. The convergence of our proprietary, on-demand cloud-based technology and our client-focused colleagues leads to a seismic shift in drivers of success in all industries.

For IRI colleagues, we focus on the moments that matter. From meaningful work and impact to continuous improvement we challenge ourselves to grow both professionally and personally. You’ll feel a true sense of connection and purpose in your work and will craft the direction of your career in a highly personalized way. No matter the department you join, you’ll find yourself constantly growing and developing the skills of the future to deliver client growth. We believe in the undeniable strength that diverse people, cultures, thought and skills bring to our business, our clients, our people, and our communities. We are committed to nurturing a dynamic culture that embraces and celebrates openness, collaboration, creativity, equity, inclusivity, and growth for all.

What will I be doing?
Big Data is in our DNA. And our Product Team is growing fast to meet the demands of the Marketplace. IRI continues to innovate in the space and has developed and integrated the world’s largest cross-channel media, social, and online/offline purchase data sets to help our clients maximize the ROI for media spend. Our media team gives CPG manufacturers a view of where consumers go online; what they watch on TV to determine how these activities translate into measurable and actual consumer behavior–what consumers buy and why. Do you have previous experience managing multiple data sets? Are you excited to get in the weeds with the data and build statistical models from scratch? Do you have current hands-on experience with R and Python? Are you excited to translate complex analytics to a non-technical audience? This position for you! Salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience.

Job Responsibilities

  • Advanced proficiency in statistical methodologies and ability to independently develop statistical methods to isolate impact due to stimulus (such as advertising impact on purchase behavior) in experimental designs.
  • Proficiency with linear and multinomial logistic regression models. Neural Networks and random forest experience is a plus.
  • Computing variances on samples and developing methodologies to compute goodness of fit for Linear models
  • Estimating biases inherent in sample-based methods
  • Sound understanding of Bootstrap or jackknife replication techniques
  • Hands on experience in automating these statistical methodologies using one or more of these languages: Python, R, SAS or Julia
  • Cross-Functional Influence – Demonstrates effective team behaviors including informing others of relevant information, supporting team decisions, encouraging others to share ideas, effectively resolving conflicts, and establishing common client focused goals


  • Structured approach to developing and integrating complex components into a modular framework.
  • Media Domain Expertise – Experience in Media or Consumer Products Analytics with the ability to apply knowledge of and passion for digital, social, mobile media, and other new platforms to provide insight and evaluation that helps clients build stronger consumer connections.; Ability to explain findings and recommendations to a broad business audience, including C-level
  • Client Management and Value – Effectively manages client projects; builds and maintains support and trust; acts as a trusted advisor and delivery partner; balances achievement of short and long term goals
  • Able to coordinate and organize members of the Delivery Team for such purposes


  • 5-7 years of experience in developing statistical methodologies
  • Statistical development in Python, R, SAS or Julia
  • Able to build and convey impactful insights drawing from multiple data sources.
  • Skilled at explaining technical subject matter to non-technical audiences.
  • A bachelors’ degree in Statistics, Econometrics or related quantitative field; Masters or above preferred




Senior Data Scientist


About Komoot

Find, plan, and share adventures with komoot. Driven by a desire to explore, and powered by the outdoor community’s recommendations, it’s komoot’s mission to inspire great adventures making them accessible to all. And we’re good at what we do: Google and Apple have listed us as one of their Apps of the Year numerous times! Today, with over 19 million users and 100,000 five-star reviews, komoot is well on its way to becoming the most popular cycling and hiking app for people who love adventures worldwide.

Join our fully remote team and change the way people explore!

About the role

We are now experiencing an accelerated growth and we're looking for an experienced Data Scientist dedicated to improving the product experience. As a young tech company, we know how user engagement can be boosted by personalisation, recommendations, user-segmentations and smart retention hooks. Using a wide range of different data sets, from common analytics/product data to unusual data sets like GPS recording and social relations, you will drive product enhancements forward that will directly impact 19 million users.

We believe that innovations based on data science will reinforce and extend our leadership in the outdoor market and your role will be decisive for komoot's success.

Ready for your next adventure?


What you will do

composition of our feed, bringing our follower recommendations to the next level and helping us keep users engaged.

  • Work on a wide range of data science projects: Examples include improving the ranking and
  • Turn your ideas into data products ready for our production systems.
  • Deploy and monitor your code in our AWS Cloud (you can count on the support of experienced backend engineers).
  • Work with the Python Data Science Stack and a modern AWS infrastructure.
  • Identify how to best leverage our data to improve our platform.
  • Discuss product improvements, technical possibilities and road maps.


Why you will love it

  • You will deal with a diverse set of data (location data, social network, user content (images, text), external data sources like OSM, product analytics, ...).
  • You will go beyond prototyping and ship your code to production
  • You will contribute to a product with a vision to inspire more people to go outdoors.
  • You will work in a fast-paced startup with strongly motivated and talented co-workers.
  • You will enjoy the freedom to organize yourself the way you want .
  • We let you work from wherever you want, be it a beach, the mountains, your house, coworking center of your choice, or anywhere else that lies in any time zone situated between UTC-1 and UTC+3.
  • You will travel together with our team to amazing outdoor places several times a year to exchange ideas, learnings and go for hikes and rides.


You will be successful in this position if you

  • Have a passion for finding pragmatic and smart solutions to complex problems
  • Have a solid understanding of math and statistics
  • Have 3+ years of industry experience in data science
  • Master Jupyter, pandas, NumPy, matplotlib/seaborn, scikit-learn and XGBoost/LightGBM/CatBoost
  • Bonus: TensorFlow, Keras or PyTorch
  • Know SQL
  • Love to write clean, maintainable and tested Python code
  • Have experience productionising your data science solutions
  • Have strong communication and team skills
  • Have a hands-on attitude and are highly self-driven
  • Bonus: Know statically typed languages such as Kotlin/Java/C or Go
  • Bonus: Have cloud experience (e.g. with AWS)
  • Bonus: Have BigData experience (e.g. Spark, Presto, Hadoop)




Lead Data Scientist



We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist to lead our data science team. You will utilize data, infrastructure, and tools to find insights from the large amount of unstructured content entrusted to us by our enterprise customers.

You will lead and mentor team members responsible for designing, developing, and deploying NLP and ML models in production.

What You’ll Do (but is not limited to)

  • Work with peers, managers, directors, and VPs to derive insights from customer data
  • Work with the data science and engineering teams to deliver high quality data science powered solutions to interesting problems
  • Help prepare datasets needed to train and validate our machine learning models
  • Anticipate and build solutions for problems that interrupt availability, performance, and stability in our systems, services, and products at scale
  • Define and implement metrics to evaluate the performance of the models, both for computing performance (such as CPU & memory usage) and for ML performance (such as precision, recall, and F1)
  • Support the deployment of machine learning models on our infrastructure, including containerization, instrumentation, and versioning
  • Support the whole lifecycle of our machine learning models, including gathering data for retraining, A/B testing, and redeployments
  • Develop, test, and evaluate tools for machine learning models deployment, monitoring, retraining
  • Support solutions ranging from rule-bases, classical ML techniques to the latest deep learning systems
  • Communicate your approach and results both internally and externally

Your Qualifications

  • MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 5+ years of relevant industry work experience
  • Demonstrated success with machine learning in a SaaS or Cloud environment, with hands–on knowledge of model creation and deployments in production at scale
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Experience with solving complex problems
  • Experience with practical machine learning modeling
  • Conversant with latest data science advances in the area of NLP
  • Experience with data mining algorithms and statistical modeling techniques for anomaly detection
  • Working knowledge of relational and dimensional data models with appropriate visualization techniques such as PCA

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with large datasets
  • Experience with distributed computing, especially with the Google Cloud Platform
  • Good understanding of advanced analytical modeling and statistical forecasting techniques
  • Experience with No–SQL and Graph databases
  • Knowledge of Java, Scala or Golang programming languages
  • Experience with in Docker, Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with Kubeflow
  • Experience with the Hugging Face or the Fairseq libraries
  • Experience with OpenCV


United States


Database Administrator


About Us

HigherMe is changing how companies hire in the restaurant and retail sectors! We have a small, but mighty team of 30 people who enjoy working remotely while maintaining a strong sense of connection to each other.

We have a strong and passionate team that we’re excited to introduce you to. We operate with optimism, and are thankful for the opportunities we’ve been presented with. We don’t have room for negativity. We also believe in promotion from within, so high performance can lead to fast upward mobility.

We are a 100% distributed team working from the U.S., Canada and internationally. We are an inclusive team that welcomes and respects all.

Though we are remote-first company, we have a slight preference towards applicants in North America. That said, we are absolutely happy to welcome anyone who can overlap at least 4 hours of EST (Toronto/New York) timezone.

Keywords: Python, React.js, PHP, Laravel, MySQL

What you will be working on

  • We work in PHP using the Laravel framework with a MySQL database, and a React front end
  • Collaborating with a highly skilled team who’s accustomed to a high level of output, while releasing early and often
  • Work closely with Frontend and Backend Engineers to oversee code releases
  • Perform root cause analysis for production errors
  • Work with our Head of Product to implement integrations requested by our customers
  • Deploy product updates and fixes, identifying production issues and implementing integrations that meet customer needs
  • Investigate and resolve technical issues identified by our Customer Success team

Required Skills

  • 2+ years of similar Database Administrator role
  • Working knowledge of databases and MySQL with strong preference towards PHP and Laravel experience
  • Self-starter mentality
  • Previous remote work experience working with distributed Dev team members

Nice to Have

  • Great sense of humor!
  • Any direct work with AWS with EBCLI, Docker, nginx, ubuntu will surely grab our team’s attention
  • Direct experience with B2B Saas Applications is a plus
  • Preference to those with experience in the restaurant or food service industry




Data Scientist, Marketing and Acquisition


Clearcover is the smarter car insurance company. We use powerful technology to offer everyday drivers better coverage for less money. We’re proud to be one of the fastest growing startups in Chicago, and we’re currently looking to add a few more extraordinary people to our team.

What is a Data Scientist, Marketing and Acquisition at Clearcover?

Clearcover has an enormous range of opportunities around data science and machine learning. As a Data Scientist, you will be expected to help this team set the right mix of goals that will impact the whole business. A successful Data Scientist will collaborate with our machine learning engineers and data engineers to proactively influence the direction of the company.

What will you do?

  • Take ownership of specific business problems and goals.
  • Work with non-technical stakeholders as well as engineers to help identify the best use-cases for machine learning.
  • Define problems and objectives.
  • Strategize on building models and assist with deployments into production.
  • Work with the team to measure impact and make updates to the model and service as needed.
  • Communicate results, explain behavior of models, and set appropriate expectations with stakeholders.

What do you need?

  • Experience using the usual Python data science stack — Pandas, scikit-learn, NumPy, XGBoost, notebook environments, etc.
  • Strong Python skills, including object-oriented programming.
  • Working knowledge of SQL, including Snowflake or similar systems.
  • Experience with the different types of machine learning techniques.
  • Ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of how the various modeling techniques work.
  • Demonstrate the ability to learn new frameworks and toolchain for model deployment and monitoring.
  • Experience communicating and working cross-functionally.

What’s in it for you?

  • Unlimited vacation, we hire adults
  • Equity for all employees, so you own a piece of the pie too
  • Dental and Vision, we’ve got you covered 100%
  • Medical, we cover the vast majority of your premiums to make the cost of you and your family’s coverage affordable. Plus, we contribute to your HSA and HRA (cha-ching)
  • We invest in your future by contributing 3% of your salary to a 401(K), even if you don’t
  • Come to work pre-taxed through our FSA commuter benefits
  • and yes, we have unlimited LaCroix, beer, snacks and the occasional ice cream social


United States


Data Science Instructor


Coding Dojo is a global education technology company that offers a three-full-stack computer programming bootcamp, as well as courses on Data Science and other emerging technologies. The innovative curriculum and Learning Management System are designed to train students to become self-sufficient developers, regardless of their technical background. We also make it a mission to support underserved communities and increase diversity in the tech industry.

This position is a rare opportunity to join a rapidly growing company and make a positive impact in many people’s lives. At Coding Dojo we pride ourselves on possessing a culture of execution that caters to wave makers rather than wave riders. If you’re interested in joining a diverse and dynamic team who value speed, continuous improvement, measurement, focus, accountability, and always attacking the gap, you’ll feel right at home at Coding Dojo.


  • Deliver instruction on data science, data analytics, machine learning, Python, SQL, statistics, probability, and data engineering
  • Facilitate group discussions, demos, and in-class activities
  • Follow industry trends in big data, deep learning, machine learning and AI
  • Play a hands-on role in curriculum development, use what you learn from working with students to make the curriculum world class
  • Gather and report on student metrics
  • Work alongside Coding Dojo’s Online Instruction team to deliver remote training
  • Participate in professional training, so you stay fresh!
  • Responsible for potential deployment with any/multiple Coding Dojo clients on the B2B side of things




Principal Data Scientist


Halfaker and Associates, an SAIC Company, is an award-winning high-growth business that creates innovative and customer-centric technology solutions in the areas of Digital Services, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Cloud Solutions to improve the health, security, and well-being of all Americans. Our commitment to excellence and our vision to “Continue to Serve” has resulted in steady growth and an expanding client base across government agencies in the health, defense, security, and intelligence sectors.

Halfaker and Associates, an SAIC Company, has an opening for a Principal Data Scientist to join our talented, dynamic team. The key responsibilities for this position include:

  • Facilitate the team’s data mining and modeling efforts, including assessing current models and designing, developing, testing, and deploying new models
  • Work alongside the client and key stakeholders to understand business needs in order to find ways to continually improve fraud detection
  • Communicate complex technical analysis and findings to non-technical customers in an easy to understand way

Required Skills

  • Experience with statistical analysis, pattern recognition, data manipulation, predictive modeling, machine learning, and/or hypothesis testing
  • Strong experience with SQL
  • Strong experience working with one or more of the following toolsets: R, SPSS, SAS
  • Experience leading advanced analytics projects in either a government or commercial environment
  • Experience with applying and implementing CRISP-DM methodology on projects
  • Provide solutioning support for new opportunities
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with Tableau
  • Experience with Atlassian JIRA
  • Demonstrate sufficient technical knowledge and reliability to complete assignments and responsibilities on-time with minimal supervision
  • Ability to demonstrate critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, attention to detail, and ethical behavior

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Engineering, Math, Statistics, Physics, or related field
  • Minimum 8+ years of relevant experience
  • Experience in Logistic regression, fraud modeling, predictive modeling, R, SQL




Senior Game Artist


Here at Playco, we make games that bring the world closer together through play. 


Our ideal teammates are thoughtful, humble, and passionate professionals who can both zoom into the details and zoom out to embrace the big picture. We are inspired by makers and tinkerers, who are unafraid to experiment with a healthy disregard for constraints. We hope you'll enrich our team with your enthusiasm and passion, both for games and for life.


The artist role at Playco is pretty unique compared to other companies. We work on a wide variety of projects with varying styles and game mechanics. So you’ll be able to explore different genres and learn new techniques. An ideal candidate can take ownership over a game and do whatever it takes to create games that clearly stand out from the pack, while working closely with their fellow artists, product managers, and engineers to make sure they are aligned with the high standards we strive for. There’s a lot of opportunity to grow into a leadership role in this position, so having previous experience in this area is something we look for.


What you’ll be doing


Develop beautiful, fun game experiences, and associated marketing and promotional initiatives with creative design.

Conceptualize and design game environments, characters, and UI.

Create high quality 2D and isometric 2D vector art using Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

Support the Studio Art Lead in the overall vision for the game.


    • 2+ years industry experience in mobile, social, or free2play games.
    • Excellent teamwork skills.
    • Respond well to artistic direction but get the work done with minimal supervision.
    • Manage responsibilities across multiple projects.
    • Great concept art skills with an eye for composition and color.
    • Must have experience with Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Illustrator and Photoshop.
    • Knowledge of Flash and/or 3D modeling software is a huge plus!

Desired Qualities & Attributes

    • Excellent teamwork skills. Responds well to feedback but gets the work done with minimal supervision.
    • Possess excellent communication skills; ability to be proactive and assertive in a diplomatic manner.
    • Ability to understand, internalize, and communicate high-level objectives to team members and reports.
    • Ability to iterate quickly and adhere to a production schedule.
    • Style versatility is a must-have. We work on a range of games whose style can vary from cute and casual to hardcore and realistic.
    • Motivated, driven, and excited about design and game art.